The Creation Process And Challenges Of Creating The New IP of ARMS

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The Verge recently had the chance to sit down and talk with the developers of ARMS during E3. In the interview, the producer Kosuke Yabuki and art director Masaaki Ishikawa talk about the challenges and the creation process of creating this new IP.

Here are some highlights of the interview:

On the differences between creating ARMS vs Mario Kart 8:

In [Mario Kart 8] the focus really is on each of the course designs, and how you race on those,” explains Yabuki. “But Arms is more about how you use each fighter and their arms to fight each other. The personality and distinctive features of each of the Arms characters is a lot more important in this game, as opposed to Mario Kart.”

On the challenges of creating a new IP:

“Creating a wholly new property is really tough, but also incredibly fun and rewarding,” says Yabuki. “You have to think of everything from scratch; the sound, the visuals, absolutely everything. It was really rough, but also really fun to try this.”

On the creation of Helix as a character:

“Initially we had the design for the double helix, DNA-spiral shape for his arms and we had a lot of different ideas for what kind of character would have arms like that. Maybe a cyborg, or some sort of man-made being. Eventually we settled on this amoeba-like character design. In the end, we got a sort of biological creature design. Rather than go really serious with how he moves, we thought it would be more fun and unique to give him an awkward, but cute animation. And with that we ended up with a really unique design that we’re really proud of.”

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