Each World In Super Mario Odyssey Will Have Between 30-50+ Moons

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Currently we only know about 4-5 worlds playable in Super Mario Odyssey, but undoubtedly Nintendo has some surprise levels up their sleeves to be delivered to us this October. According to a recent video from Kinda Funny Games (no exact number officially confirmed yet) they revealed that each level will include between 30-50+ moons, further indicating how massive this game will be. If the game would only include the levels shown to us already, we’d have well over a hundred moons to explore for and collect. The Moons will be used to fuel The Odyssey and enable us to explore various locations across the map. Super Mario Odyssey will be Nintendo’s flagship game this holiday season, scheduled for release on October 27th.


Featured above is the Moon count available on The Odyssey, I’d assume every level has a certain Moon limit to hit before being able to head to other worlds.

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