A Look At Every Outfit In Super Mario Odyssey (So Far)

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Super Mario Odyssey is now fully revealed and is coming later this fall, and the E3 demo along with the Trailer showcased Mario’s expansive wardrobe of new clothing options. From a Mexican Outfit to some American Football gear, lets take a look at every outfit we know of so far:

The Original Red Mario Outfit:


Ahh yes. The classic. Mario’s red plumbing gear is back and it’s looking as sharp as ever as shown in the artwork above. There’s not much to say about this, but sporting this will certainly look good.


Business Suit Mario:


You can wear this outfit just about anywhere – it always looks good.

Mario is certainly looking like he belongs in New Donk City with this outfit. This outfit consists of the Black Fedora and the Black Suit, each sold separately in the Crazy Cap Shop in New Donk. This formal take on Mario will allow him to access areas in New Donk for business men.

Tostarenan Mario:


Traditional folk dress of the Tostarena region. Keeps the sun off and the breezes on.

This outfit is quite the departure for Mario (just like the game itself).

He sports a Sombrero and a Poncho from the Tostarena region. This colorful set of clothing isavailable for purchase in Tostarena and will let you access some music clubs in Tostarena Town. You may also notice that this costume has some similarities to what he donned in the GameBoy game: Qix. In Qix, Getting between 50 thousand and 149,999 points will show a scene with Mario wearing the Mexican outfit while playing a guitar in the desert. Huh, quite a neat reference.

Explorer Mario:


Clothes that keep you comfortable even in the deepest heart of the wilderness.

Mario certainly looks ready for an Odyssey with this outfit. This outfit equips Mario with the Explorer Hat and Explorer Outfit available for purchase in the Steam Gardens and Fossil Falls. This outfit is a homage to Mario’s Picross in which he has the role of an Archeologist with a very similar outfit.


Wedding Mario


Our best look at this outfit probably comes from the official amiibo for game. Wedding Mario is sporting a spiffy white tux with a red bowtie and looks ready for his wedding. The only way to obtain this outfit is to tap the amiibo into the game. Specific functionality of this costume is unknown.


Builder Mario:


The perfect outfit whether you’re constructing or inspecting the construction work of others.

This outfit takes clear inspiration from Super Mario Maker’s box art. This is the exact costume that Mario is wearing in the promotional art for the game. This costume consists of the Builders Outfit and the Builders Hat, both for sale in New Donk City. In the game, this outfit is used to access different portions of New Donk City as an inspector.

Chef Mario:


Mario is ready to cook some spaghetti with this outfit. Chef Mario has Mario sporting a very typical and formal cooking outfit. This outfit is a homage to the game Yoshi’s Cookie, in which Mario wears a very similar outfit. Details on where to obtain this outfit are unknown, but by the looks of it, just go to your local Crazy Cap Shop to pick it up.

Golf Mario:


Mario is certainly showing his American patriotism with this red, white, and blue outfit that resembles the star spangled banner that is the flag of the United States. This costume however, is being referred to as the ‘Golf Mario’ outfit as it has a clear homage to the cover of NES Open Tournament Golf in which Mario is wearing the same costume.


Snorkeling Mario:


This outfit suits up Mario in some snorkeling gear for underwater exploration. While we only got a quick glimpse at it in the official trailer of the game, Mario certainly looks very kiddy with the flippers and the inner tube. This costume will be very interesting to see in action.


Chargin’ Chuck Mario:


Mario is ready to play American Football with this outfit that resembles a Chargin’ Chuck enemy from the Super Mario series. I wonder however, how will Cappy quickly get off on on his head with that helmet on? Also interesting to note is the number 64 on his jersey, a clear call back to the Nintendo 64.



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