Top 5 reasons why you should keep your 3DS!

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Live long and prosper


So with the Switch out now, most people have abandoned their 3DS but you shouldn’t! Here’s the top 5 reasons why you’re making a mistake!

  1. It’s not going anywhere soon! There will still be support during the switch era! If you have a 3DS, you already have a giant catalog of games to play. That said maybe the 3DS isn’t the focus of Nintendo but you’ll be able to add games that still have quality!Image result for switch and 3ds
  2. It’s related to number 1, it’s for the games. It doesn’t mean that the switch is out we won’t see great 3DS games. Look at the upcoming titles: Ever Oasis, Samus Returns, Miitopia, Hey Pikmin, Ultra Sun and Moon and Superstar saga remakes. Some are original IPs and others are continuations or remakes of existing franchises
  3. It’s the quality of those games. We’re having a new pokemon game coming out, it doesn’t matter if it’s Alola again, it’s still a full fledge pokemon game. Then you have Ever Oasis which I believe will be a gem on the 3DS. Superstar Saga is an old but beloved game which you will get to play again or for the first time. Finally you have Samus Returns which has been highly anticipated since E3 being a good Metroid game!Image result for ever oasis, hey pikmin
  4. This is recent but it’s good being that these 3DS games are having demos. Now it’s just a demo but it gives you an opportunity to try out these games and make your own judgment about them. You get some free gameplay off of them. It’s nice for children to know what they’re getting into before buying the game.
  5. Finally the 3DS is just an awesome system, it’s been out since 2011 and has never lost it’s momentum with amazing first, second and third-party support. It has an excellent catalogue of games thar really make it great! I’m happy to see that Nintendo is still supporting it even though their new system is out. It’s great for those who don’t own a Switch yet and Nintendo is appealing to all of their fans!Image result for ever oasis, hey pikmin

Thanks for reading and I know what I said may be debatable and all. That’s my opinion but you should keep an open mind about the future of the 3DS!

Jmac is a writer for shigerunews. Warning do not show him anything Zelda or pokemon as he will go nuts. Aside from that you can find him on Zelda amino: Mr.Chosen One and Twitter: @jmac857

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