Splatoon 2 Devs Talk About Reviving Cut Content And The Character-Gameplay Dynamics

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The Verge recently got a chance to talk to general manager of Nintendo’s software division Shinya Takahashi and some of the Splatoon 2 devs. Here are some of the highlights of their interview:

On introducing new gameplay concepts:

“It’s not just about new characters,” he explains. “It’s also about thinking about how people will accept new systems and gameplay. Sometimes new intellectual property is the best way to introduce that.”

How Splatoon differentiates its self from other games:

“I don’t think it’s actually one particular element — like story or characters — that makes it stand apart, and creates that dedication [amongst fans],” he explains. “If it were just the looks, if it was just because this weapon looked particularly cute, that wouldn’t be enough if the gameplay wasn’t there to back it up.”

On cut content:

“We had so many ideas, so many things that we wanted to put in the first game,” says lead programmer Shintaro Sato. “But it really ended up being a distillation of those ideas. And we had many ideas leftover that we were able to bring over to Splatoon 2.”

The success of Splatoon leading to ARMS:

“With Splatoon, we created new characters, and the fanbase responded well to those,” says Nogami. “That may have paved the way for more of that type of new game experience.”

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