ARMS update out now (version 1.1.0)

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ARMS first official update has just gone live, but Nintendo has kept silent on patch notes (for now) we’ll keep you all updated when that information is released.

UPDATE – A new mode (featuring customizable match rules) has just been released known as Party Mode. Apparently this mode was the standard Friends Lobby session, but Arena is a brand new mode. Arena includes 1-on-1 battles where the rest of the lobby spectates (Spectator Mode).


In the Party Mode, you can fight through a variety of stages and modes using customizable rules of your choice.

In the Arena mode for those who are into playing competitively, it changes as you take turns fighting one-on-one matches, while the rest spectate in the new spectator mode. Max 4 Players per lobby.


Additional Patch Notes:

LAN-mode added. While pressing the left stick, press L+R on the main menu to switch to LAN-mode

Arena-mode, with added spectator mode

Kid Cobra and Byte & Barq fixes for sliding boards

Bug fix for Ribbon Girl stage where some arms didn’t properly hit the boxes

Text-fix for the story-mode {Biff}

– Ali –


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