Super Bomberman R Update 1.4 Is Now Available!

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Konami thus far has been doing a wonderful job keeping up the steady stream of content for Super Bomberman R, a much awaited return of Bomberman for the Switch, with this update being no different. Including three new characters, various patches, and a few new stages to blast your friends away on. Depending on whether or not you still play the game, I will have to return to it to checkout the Castlevania character cameo.

Here are the Offical Patch Notes regarding Update 1.4.0, which is available to download now:

Update Release 06/28/2017 (ver.1.4) – Contents as below :
– 3 new characters are now available in the shop.
(Vic Viper Bomber, Simon Belmont Bomber, Pyramid Head Bomber)



– 4 new VS stages are now available in the shop.
(Conveyor Belt Classic, Panic Factory, Plain Floor, Desert Fort)

– 2 new series of accessories are now available in the shop.
(Item and Snowflake series)”

– Other than Battle Royale, the Team Battle is now available as a Battle Rule. In this mode, the team with the last survivor wins the match.

– There are now more ways to win Gems and more Gems available. (Previously Gems could only be earned in the League Battle, but now all VS modes provide Gems.)
Adjusted the movement speed of the Power Zone.

– Other small bugs have been fixed.

Seems like a neat little update to bring people back for a little bit, especially with the new modes and items.

Will you return to Super Bomberman R anytime soon to checkout this update? Let us know!

– Ali –

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