Many jobs listed on Nintendo’s Japanese site.

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After the Nintendo virtual console being missing from this years E3 and the release of the NES/ SNES classics, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the home console online service is taking a back seat. However, big online multiplayer shooter Splatoon is 3 weeks out, as well as Nintendo’s reveal of the Nintendo Switch’s paid online infrastructure being pushed back to 2018. 

Today, there were over 15 jobs posted on Nintendo’s official Japanese website, with some translated and listed below. 

Network service engineer related to Nintendo eshop

Network infrastructure engineer

Server security engineer

Network library engineer
As well as the online network focussed posts, there were also a few jobs related directly to game development, environment and production. 

Whether it is just routine bolstering of the eshop and server structure to cope with Nintendo’s increasing library of online heavy games, or boosting resources to ready their paid service, or even preparing roll out VC remains to be seen.

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