UPDATE Platinum Games launch Japanese Twitter account- share Bayonetta illustration.

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UPDATE Platinum Games just added this picture to their Twitter, seemingly showing characters from the Wii U exclusive ‘wonderful 101’ playing Nintendo Switch…


Platinum Games announced today that they have launched a Japanese Twitter account by showing previously unseen illustrations of their iconic gun toting witch, Bayonetta. The images are from both the multi platform original, and the Wii U exclusive sequel. This move is intriguing for two reasons. Firstly, Platinum is a Japanese company, but has only just started a Japanese account. Secondly, with the recent PC release of Bayonetta, speculation has long been swirling about a new entry in the series. An interview at this years indie game show Bitsummit in Kyoto with executive director and producer  Atsushi Inaba illustrated his desire to continue with the game in some capacity, as well as other tidbits about Platinums relationship with Nintendo and Bayonetta’s inclusion in Smash Brothers. 

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