New Details on ARMS July 12th Update: Record Keeping and Hedlok Item Incoming

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During last month’s E3 presentations, Nintendo revealed that the first post-launch DLC character for their fighting game ARMS, Max Brass, would be available some time in July. 

We can finally attach an exact date for the arrival of ‘The Commish’ Max Brass: July 12th is when the free update hits for all ARMS owners. 

But Max Brass isn’t the only thing arriving during the free update. Also arriving are records of your previous 100 battles. Logged in these records are win rates for normal bouts and mini-games, longest win-streak, the most frequent ARMS used, and much more. 

If Max Brass and recordkeeping weren’t enough, the vicious Hedlok will also be seeing some representation. During a fight, the Hedlok mask will appear in a gachapon-esque capsule, and the first fighter to break it open and collect the mask within will have access to Hedlok’s ability of six ARMS at once. 

It seems like July 12th will be a very busy day for ARMS fighters all around. 

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