The New Splatoon 2 Demo Contains Some Neat Secrets

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On July 6th, Nintendo announced and released the Splatoon 2 Splatfest World Premiere Demo on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Even though you are not yet able to play online until July 15th, the demo still houses some neat secrets that can be found in the menus or in Inkopolis Square.

The first thing may not be very interesting but is an odd detail that often went unnoticed. When you first start creating your Inkling, a boy and a girl Inkling are displayed wearing the Basic Tee. However, the placement of the purple button is different depending on the gender of Inkling. The Inkling Girl’s button is on the top-right part of her shirt, and the Inkling Boy’s button is lower and on the left.Inkling_Buttons.png

Now we’re moving onto Inkopolis Square, where most of the secrets are. If you walk near an Inkling sitting at a table while on their phone, you may hear a familiar tune. This song is actually a version of Maritime Melody, the credits theme for Splatoon on Wii U.DEWLSfoU0AE_UxP.jpg

In the back of the Square, there is an amiibo box that is not able to be used yet. Turning the camera can get you a look at the back of the box, although it’s not from a very good angle. Just like in Splatoon on Wii U, the box is true the actual amiibo box from real life, except all English is replaced with the language used in the Splatoon world.DEWNWbrUAAA3hvl.jpg

Crusty Sean is back from Splatoon 1, but rather than selling shoes, he now runs a food truck. In the front window of his truck, he has a sun shade with silhouettes of Callie and Marie on it. Apparently, he hasn’t moved on.DEWQ9oPVoAEhNy-.jpg

Above the shops in the Square, there is an advertisement for a company that looks like it’s called “Tower Records.” Tower Records is actually a real company with a similar logo and headquarters in California. Splatoon and Tower Records have done many collaborations together in Japan, so it’s neat that Nintendo included that in their game.DEWR0xFUAAAJUvt.jpg

On the opposite side from the shops, there is the building that will allow Local Multiplayer in the full game. While you are not able to actually go in, you can still look inside. There are multiple arcade machines, but the ones in the back may look familiar. There is a total of 3 different arcade games in there, and they are all minigames from Splatoon on Wii U. In order from left to right, they are Squid Racer, Squid Jump, and Squid Ball.DEPz956VwAAgCfe.png

The original Squid Beatz is also in there, it’s just against a different wall.DEWXEW3V0AUVcNG.png

The final detail is pretty well known, but next to the Local Multiplayer building you can find Pearl and Marina, the members of Off The Hook. If you use ZR to stare at them long enough, Marina will wave and Pearl will do their signature pose after staring back at you. A similar thing could be done with Callie and Marie in the original Splatoon.DEWZPRTUAAArFpA.jpgDEWZZ7eVwAAH0ui.jpg

That’s all the secrets we could find so far in the Splatoon 2 Splatfest World Premiere Demo. Feel free to tell us anything we missed!

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