My Thoughts on Splatoon 2 so far!

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My Thoughts on Splatoon 2, 30 ish hours after launch!

These are my brief thought on all of the modes thus far!

Turf War: It’s great, nothing much different. The new specials and weapons really make the battles much different compared to 1’s.

Single Player: I love this mode. The stages are very well designed and the secrets are sometimes hard to find. However each level has taken 5-10 minutes to complete so this mode will not last too long but whats there is great. Not to mention that Marie is damn hilarious at points when she’s talking while going through a level.

Salmon Run: Currently my most played mode. It’s extremely fun to play and very intense. Changes like fog and the tide rising and the random weapon you receive every wave can make the mode extremely hard, and that’s not even mentioning the difficulty spikes at times.

Rainmaker: Haven’t played much but I like how the rainmaker shoots out its blast faster now.

Tower Control: The changes they made have made it a lot more fun. Checkpoints that the tower stops at for a few seconds before moving forward can lead to chaos and its very fun.

Splat Zones: Nothing much has changed here but a little indicator at the top of the screen showing how much of each zone is taken by what team is really helpful.

UI: It’s easier to figure out your teams plans because you can see what weapon they have at the top of the screen now and when they can use their specials. it makes planning your next move a lot easier.

Stages: I like all of the stages, even Port Mackerel. The new stages are fun and even the old stages are much more fun then they were in the original. Each stage is full of variety, just like Splatoon 1’s did.
Favorite Stage: Sturgeon Shipyard
Least Favorite: Musselforge Fitness

Conclusion: The game is full of content, even though we are back to a smaller number of stages than what is currently in Splatoon 1’s. But given updates are coming for at least a year and Splatfests for 2. I can imagine that we will have a LOT of new stuff by this time next year….hell, by this time next month I think we will have a bunch of new things. This game is nearly flawless and I cannot wait to see how updates changed the way Splatoon is currently being played.

Finally, not even 24 hours after launch and technically we already have our first update being the announcement of the next Splatfest theme; Ketchup vs Mayo! This event will happen first week of August. More updates are sure to follow soon! Keep up to date here at ShigeruNews for upcoming Splatoon news!

Stay Fresh! -HylianHero98 #TeamMayo

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