Interview for Morphite with Josh Presseisen!

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I had the chance to interview Josh Presseisen who is Founder and Creative Director for Crescent Moon Games, we are going to talk about Morphite. Also a few of these questions were answered by Blowfish Games who are handling the Switch port! Enjoy!

Firstly, how is this game different from others? What makes it stand out?

While we do take a lot of inspiration from the classics – Metroid, Zelda, and even Halo -I think the game has a unique personality that will set it apart. I’m hoping that everyone gets attached to the characters like we have.

When I see it I get a No Man’s Sky vibe, what would you say are the similarities and differences between the two?

Well the game was mostly inspired by Metroid Prime – but the similarities are there in the fact that you can go out and also explore random planets, scan stuff, sell it for upgrades to your ship. Other than that, the game has a very focused main storyline. Going off and exploring the other planets is not really necessary – but its fun and there are many planets to explore. It also is not focused on survival – its definitely focused on story.

Where did the idea originate?  

I really wanted to do a tribute to Metroid Prime – but with a different style, and a bit more retro even. Almost like the Metroid 64 that never happened. Some will also notice a big Star Wars influence in various areas of the game. Turns out it ended up being its own thing, and it has a mix of elements that I think set it apart.

Why should we all be excited for this game?

We are putting a lot into this game. From a solid fully voiced storyline, to tons of side missions, vehicles, mounts, puzzles, a huge star map to explore. I can definitely tell you there is nothing like this on Nintendo Switch (yet).

Nintendo previously said that the Switch was going to be easy for indie developers to produce content on, has that been true?

This is our first Switch game, and we are working hard together with Blowfish Studios to make sure that it runs great on the console. We are using the Unity engine, and they have made that integration fairly painless.

Are you guys excited to be developers for the Switch?

Its a unique console that doesn’t have a lot of content yet. I’m a big Nintendo fan, more from the early days of NES and SNES – this has the same level of excitement that those did. It’s amazing to be at the very beginning with a title like Morphite. Nintendo fans are ravenous and vocal – so I think it’s going to be an incredible experience launching this Fall on the [Nintendo] Switch.

What have been the challenges and what has made it easy to develop on the Switch?

Having mixed input available with touch screen and game controllers has introduced a little bit of complexity to get them to work nicely with each other. Also, the frame rate of the game on the Switch was initially lower than other consoles, but after some extensive optimization the Switch version is running solidly. The new tools and developer portal have made it straight forward to develop for the Switch, and of course the fact that we use Unity makes the porting process much easier.

Your game is coming out on so many platforms, what are the difficulties you have had?

Releasing simultaneously on so many platforms is always a pretty ambitious feat, but over the last couple of years we’ve been able to create some internal processes and tools which help. Things like internal certification test plans, platform modules that we can call once for all platforms and a compiled marketing asset list. Still the greatest difficulty is getting the game past the certification process for each platform all at the same time.

Any info on any upcoming projects as development wraps up for this game?

We are publishing another game currently called ‘Project Apok’ it has a similar low poly style but it has some neat survival elements and funny/unique story elements as well.

I’m guessing sometime next year it will be ready to go and we are hoping to bring it to Switch.

Finally what has been to the best part of developing this game?

I think writing the story and seeing the ideas solidify into the actual game for me has been the most rewarding. Worked with a great bunch of people on this, everyone wanting to keep making it better and better. Little things like getting AI working and interacting, seeing different animals interacting with each other is definitely cool.

Newest trailer:

Morphite is an atmospheric exploration Sci-Fi shooter that takes place in space! It is currently being developed by Crescent Moon Games with assistance from Blowfish Studios on the Nintendo Switch port.

JMac is a news writer at Shigerunews. You can follow him on Twitter when he’s not off trying to secure more interviews.

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