Switch Hardware and Software sales update: As of June 30th 2017

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fb-400x400Tonight we learned new details as to how many Nintendo Switch consoles and games have sold so far.

We now know that Nintendo Switch, as of June 30th has sold 4.7 million consoles and 13.6 million software sales have been made.dfplj-rxkaerr6f

As for the games, we have updated numbers as to how many of each of Nintendo’s first party games have sold. So far Zelda has sold nearly 4 million units on Switch alone while Mario Kart has a little over 3.5 million. 1-2 Switch and Arms are close to each other with 1.22 million sold and 1.18 sold respectively. Arms was only available for a couple weeks by the deadline of June 30th so these are really good numbers for being on the market for only two weeks! dfpkll9waaajlu9

There still is a heavy supply shortage so sales are somewhat limited. But for being out for only 4 and a half months the Switch is doing very well.

Also, we know due to early reports that just last week alone the Switch sold 102k more units in Japan alone due to Splatoon 2’s launch, which also did very well. You can find more details about Splatoon 2’s launch Here!

Have you gotten a Switch yet? Let us know in the comments!


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