Everything We Know About Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle!

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Ever since the leaks first hit last year, everyone was cautiously anticipating the odd and unique crossover between Mario and the Rabbids. After E3 gave us beautiful glimpses of the game along with gameplay and screenshots, most were pleasantly surprised. I had been expecting this game to achieve what many thought it could not: something new and different for the Mushroom Kingdom. Was I skeptical at first? Of course, just as everyone should be with new experiences. Now that the time has come much closer to release, it is time to give a rundown of everything the game has to offer. Remember, the game releases on August 29th, so theres a good chance some surprises will be awaiting us at launch.


Let’s begin with what many have now decided is the most important factor of gaming today; the visuals and performance. The game is running on the SnowDrop engine (yes, the same SnowDrop engine that is still running spectacular games such as The Division and South Park). This opens up the possibility that future games running on the same engine can make their way to the Switch. Ambitious is a perfect way to explain the visuals of the game, as the game is blooming with vibrant colors and beautiful landscapes at every turn. This definitely makes Kingdom Battle one of the most beautiful games in the library. It does run at 30fps, which is perfectly acceptable for a game of this capacity and ambition. While docked, the game will achieve a resolution of 900p & at 720p while in the handheld. Downloads of the game will only take up a minuscule usage of 2.3 GB, which is very little space for one of the biggest Switch adventures to date.

mrkb_sc_combat_01_chompAll I can say is that the game looks phenomenal, so much color makes everything pop and look wonderful. Everything from the landscapes, to enemies, and to bosses look great on the Switch screen and while docked. Performance wise there have not been too many complaints, which is pleasant to hear.

Focusing on gameplay mechanics, there is a lot to cover here. The game is based around two large mechanics; Turn Based Combat and Exploration. While the game is based around a single player campaign, you are thrown into the world with many characters at your disposable and have them all to control. This is something never before seen in a Mario game, the freshness of it makes the wait for the game seem even longer. The game consists of a total of eight heroes – four Rabbids heroes – Rabbid Mario, Rabbid Peach, Rabbid Luigi, and Rabbid Yoshi – and Mario, Yoshi, Peach, and Luigi. During the explanation portion of the game, you have the ability to search for easter eggs, collect coins (to upgrade and unlock new weapons/variants), and find hidden loot. Loot will be located in secret chests scattered around the world, and when found will give your team items and gear to strengthen them. During the individual battle scenes, you will have to choose between three characters to summon and fight with, but these can be switched out afterwards making many dangerous combinations possible. Battle scenes have the ability to last for a few minutes with proper strategy, or have the chance of lasting a long amount of time. It depends on how you use and upgrade your team, using each of the characters advantages to your benefit. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle also includes co-op challenges (each player controls two heroes each) with multiple difficulty levels for you to take on with a friend and test your skills. Using amiibos of Mario characters can unlock new features like gear and weapons.

mrkb_sc_combat_04_ambushCo-op battles are where the games mechanics get extremely interesting, while new enemies are also introduced. Each player (locally) will be able to control two characters to complete challenges, including some against Boo’s. Boo’s have a very significant role in the mode, as they can teleport characters to random places on the map, forcing the player to change their strategy. Sometimes they could move the character closer to the objective, providing a very useful tactic, while other times they can throw the character directly in front of enemies.

Ubisoft have just recently released a clip of the Spooky Trails co-op challenges, where a lot of the mechanics are played out.

The campaign is said to last the average player about 20 hours, but with so much to explore and look for along with playing with friends, it’ll indeed last quite longer. Strategy is key in this new Mario adventure, so gather your vast knowledge of the world of Rabbids and get ready to dive into the game later this month on August 29th. Will you be giving this unique collaboration a chance? Let us know!

Expect more coverage of the game closer to launch and beyond right here, at Shigeru News.

Source: https://blog.ubi.com/category/mario-rabbids-kingdom-battle/

– Ali –

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