Has GameStop Italy Leaked A Sonic Mania Physical Release?

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Sonic Mania is set to be the defining game for the Sonic The Hedgehog series of titles. Announced just last Summer, the game has gotten tons of support and the hype train has been close behind it. The only problem with the game (so far) is the lack of a Physical release. Many indie games and shovelware titles are able to create physical versions of their games, which is why it’s shocking that Sonic Mania does not have one.


GameStop Italy has done a couple of things here with their latest site posting. They have listed a Sonic Mania Physical copy available for preorder, something that has not been announced or shown yet. Their has been speculation in the past, but this gives us the reason to think it could happen.

Here is the listing from GameStop Italy – https://www.gamestop.it/Platform/Games/103285

Could a Physical Version announcement be in the making, or is this just a mistake? We won’t know for sure yet, but we’ll keep you updated on future Sonic Mania news.

– Ali –

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