(Japan Only) Nintendo Switch Customizer Revealed!

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Nintendo has revealed a neat new feature for their MyNintendo Japanese online stores! You are now able to fully customize your Joy-Con & straps colors with the colors that are currently released by Nintendo.


What this means is that it is now possible to order a blue-green Joy-Con combination straight from Nintendo, without the hassle of buying them separately.

Their are a few options you can currently choose from, but keep in mind most of them are sold out. Purchases are able to be made to be fulfilled in October. Reservations are available to be placed for Fall as of this posting.

Here is another design capable of being made with this new creator:

IMG_8039Hopefully Nintendo plans to bring this new designing tool worldwide, because it would make for more uniqueness per console.

For those of you without the console already, would you mind using a feature like this? And if you do own one currently, would you have liked one of these instead of your own? Let us know!

Source: Switch Force (YouTube)

Nintendo Reservation Site: https://store.nintendo.co.jp/customize.html

– Ali –

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