Davide Soliani Talks About The Mario + Rabbids Leak

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Before the E3 announcement of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom, a major leak took place with screens and information about the rumored Mario + Rabbids game. The leak was monumental and gave many people an early impression that wasn’t very positive. Davide Soliani recently talked to MCVUK on how the leaks impacted the development team, this is what he had to say:

“The leak did not impact the reveal, as we were taking our time to make sure the game was good and satisfying. For sure, the leak affected the morale of the team. After three years of silence and the commitment of the whole team, seeing the leak all over the internet was quite discouraging, but we kept our focus and we worked hard.

Finally, at E3, with the first real reveal of the game, we had a very good reaction from the audience. It was a big reward for the team. When I returned from E3, I returned to a completely different mood. The team was so proud of the general reaction and their individual contributions. They could not wait to keep working. The positive energy that players can create is something that can really drive teams to do their best.”

Source: MCVUK


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