Will Nintendo have a big presence at Gamescom?

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Gamescom is quickly approaching.  Starting for media on Tuesday, August 22nd and everyone else Wednesday and continuing through Saturday. Some consider Gamescom to be a smaller E3, where less games get announced but tons of new info will be revealed about games releasing. What should we expect/predict from Nintendo and what has already been confirmed? Lets go through everything and see how they compare to other big companies such as Sony and Microsoft.


Nintendo has confirmed that they will be having livestreams of both Super Mario Odyssey, as well as Metroid Samus Returns. What they will be showing off in these livestreams is unknown but I would expect to see some new gameplay from both games. Nintendo will also have playable Demo’s of many Switch and 3DS games launching this year.xbox-one-logo-vector

Microsoft will be going all in for Gamescom by having some sort of presentation this Sunday at 12pm PST and promises new news and “world premier trailers.” Does this mean new games? No but it is very possible. Xbox is also having preorder news for their new Xbox One X system releasing this November. I assume they will have their games playable for attendees as well.playstation4_logo

Sony is taking a smaller approach to Gamescom this year by not having a presentation like Microsoft and (maybe) Nintendo is having but will be saving their new announcements and news for Paris Games Week this October.



Given that Microsoft is having an event on Sunday for Gamescom it is possible that Nintendo follows suit and has a Fall Direct that happens next week. While I believe this to be extremely unlikely, this would be in my opinion the best time to have a Direct. They could also have one around PAX in early September where they are also having an unannounced panel at but Gamescom seems like the bigger event gaming wise. Or they won’t have one for either. We just have to wait and see.

We could see more third party games and indie’s being announced for the Switch and some updates on already announced ones. This seems extremely possible.


Nintendo’s presence based on whats already announced already seems to be big and exciting. But will they make it even better? We just have to wait and see, and we don’t have long to wait!

Nintendo UK also has a website talking about their plans and a quote from it made me very curious “Stay tuned for the full schedule in the coming weeks.” While this means literally nothing it could mean more stuff is possibly gonna get announced but do not put to much stock into this. Nintendo UK Website

Are you excited for Gamescom? Do you expect anything else from Nintendo or do you think this is all they plan to bring to the event? Let us know in the comments!


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