Jmac’s top ten most important games of his life 

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Hello guys, so I challenge my fellow writers to do this as well so maybe you, our readers, can know more about us!
Here’s my ten most important games of my life that shaped my gaming life!
10. COD 4: Modern Warfare
So for number 10 it’s the only non Nintendo game, but it’s very important to me. As a gamer I was only playing Nintendo, I barely touched the Xbox 360 me and my brother had (expect for some Lego Batman 2 and 3! Great games!) and I never really liked shooters. All of that changed when I played Modern Warfare. It was one of the only Xbox games I’ve completed and the only FPS I’ve completed as well. It was also my first FPS and I love it. It’s a really great game with great characters and levels. You really do get attached to the characters. After playing this, I opened up to other games beyond Nintendo!

9. Mario 3D land

Ok back with Nintendo. So I had recently gotten my 3DS and I had a few games but I wasn’t really aware of the greatness of others at the time. But boy when I decided to get this game when I was 11, it started a new era for me, an era of opening up from Pokémon and playing new things. This game got me into Mario franchise. That’s big. I played the living out of this game, I loved and when I was done with the story, I was so surprised when I saw that what I had done was only the half! This is my favorite Mario game of all time and for a good reason

8. Mario Kart 8

This game is the youngest game but I why it made the list is thanks to February vacation this year. I had had this game since it came out but I played it for like a few hours and dropped it. Then in February I had an urge to play it for some reason. I played and played and I will not lie, I became good at it. I would always do 200cc and start getting more and more first places. Not only did this reinvigorate my interest in MK, I started becoming passionate about the franchise and my love for it, is thanks to this game. But most importantly it was the game that made me become competitive about gaming. I used to hate competing in video games but once I was good at this game, I became really competitive and I liked winning! This game has great stages and great features. The switch took it to an even better form and it’s a must for both systems.

7. Wii sports 

You know it, this game is (well it was) really really good. It came for free with your Wii and had the coolest sports all using the features of the Wii. I was young( well like 8-9) but I understood and could play this game easily and have fun. I played this with my family and brother a lot. Lots of fun and really an important game being a game that I would not play solo. I don’t think I need explain much more as I know it was important to pretty much everyone who owned a Wii. *waits for it* *looking at screen* “Oh dang it grandpa caught the ball, batter out”

6. MK Wii 

Wow another Wii game! So yeah this was my first MK game and one of the only games I played on Wii. I also played this a lot and a lot with my brother. I always used to lose cause I sucked with motion controls and brother was always first but 9 year old me didn’t stop and after hours and hours became quite good. I could sometimes beat my brother or I would be close. This game taught me that with time and patience you can get good at games. I loved this game and it’s really important to me as a gamer.

5. A Link Between worlds 

Now things are getting heated and we’re getting to the roots of my gaming life. This game was my first Zelda game I played. I was at GameStop and didn’t know what to try. I would always play Pokémon or Mario basically without getting interested in other games. My brother recommended Zelda to me and I was like “whynaut”. I played it and loved it, I immediately got hooked onto the Zelda franchise. I loved exploring, the puzzles, and the dungeons. This was a turning point, a huge one to be honest. Thanks to this I opened up and played many different and fun games and discovered many new franchises. I also became a Zelda fan. But later up the list is coming THE Zelda game of a lifetime.

4. Fire Emblem Awakening 

My second favorite game of all time tied with Platinum, Awakening was a game changer. This game introduced me to JRPGs (My Xenoblade love came out of this) and other lesser know games. Thanks to it I tried playing other lesser known types of games like indies. Also yeah I can became instantly passionate about FE. This game is amazing. I love it. The characters and their interactions, the story, the gameplay and everything. I got it on Eshop on sale during a summer sale and for a week, I literally had no life thanks to this game. I was on summer vacation and bored. The only thing I did was play this game and I finished it under a week. It’s also the game I’ve replayed the most (5 times). I love you Lucina- I mean Fire Emblem. Heh heh

Before the last three, here’s a honorable mention:

Steamworld Dig, first indie game and it’s really good. What got me into playing indies!

3. Ocarina of Time (3D) 

I played the 3D version but it’s only a port so I say I experienced Ocarina of Time. Ok so after this game, Zelda instantly became my number one franchise and this my number one game of all time. That was unthinkable at the time, I had loved Pokemon forever and never thought I would find something I loved more (you’re number two and have the remaining spots on the list. I still love you Pokemon). Well I was wrong. This game is amazing from start to finish. Best game I’ve played and just phenomenal (Ali).

2. Pokemon Pearl

Finally a Pokémon game! Ok where do I start, I know! I got this game along with my DS for Christmas and my brother got Diamond and his DS. I still remember the scene to perfection. Right on the chimney my DS and Pearl was waiting for me ( Fun Fact: I have many pet allergies so that Christmas was when I got two fishes, Rudolph and Froggy. Yep I remember even though I was 6). I played 200 hours of this game ( I don’t remember what I did tbh to spend that many hours 😂) and I loved it. Sinnoh is such an amazing region and this game is amazing no doubt! This is what got me into gaming and why I’m gaming. Again Pearl was made me become “passionate” about them. I’m gaming cause of this game but this wasn’t my first game it’s

1. Leaf Green

Yep this was my first game and the game that started it all. I was very young 4-5 and my parents got me this on the Gameboy Advance before leaving to France. Pearl was what got me into gaming and loving games but this game was my first. I loved it and like Pearl, I wouldn’t be gaming. It also introduced me to the Pokémon franchise which has marked my gaming life! Gotta catch em all!

Well thanks reading. I hope this gives you a little more insight into who’s doing your interviews! I hope the rest of the crew does this!

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