Nintendo @ Gamescom 2017: The content explosion and what could still come

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So, earlier today Nintendo revealed a ton of new info on Splatoon 2, Arms, Fire Emblem Warriors, a new 3DS XL, and more! (Note that some of these times/dates are based for only Europe, but expect similar for here in the US)

Lets start off with Splatoon 2. We will be seeing a new stage called Manta Maria this Friday at 7pm PST and 10pm EST. The next Friday (September 1st) at the same time we will see a new special, the Bubble Blower which will be appearing alongside a new weapon. Finally we will be seeing a new Salmon Run stage called Lost Outpost, coming to Splatoon 2 on August 23rd.

Next, Fire Emblem Warriors showed off a new trailer revealing 4 new characters, being Hinoka, Takumi, Camilla, and Leo. A special edition will be releasing in Europe at launch, FE Warriors is releasing on October 20th for Switch and New 3DS.

The new Arms character has been revealed! Her name is Lola Pop and she will be coming in the 3.0 update coming soon along with new Arms and her stage. Arms will apparently also be receiving another Test Punch this weekend.


A New 3DS XL based on the Super Nintendo has been announced, coming on October 13th (Confirmed only in Europe so far)DH0i2E1XoAA1JaE

Speaking of SNES, the SNES Classic recieved a new retro trailer from Nintendo showing off the features of the system:


Also as a side note the Pokken Tournament Demo will be coming to the Eshop in Europe on August 24th

What could still be coming this week? 

Well, lucky for us. Nintendo UK has posted what seems to be the full schedule: (Note: all times are based in Europe) which is already going on now! DH0gym9VYAAbYnI

Wednesday there will be two Mario Odyssey streams, one being a “presentation with Mr Koizumi” and one being gameplay? What does this mean? well I don’t know. Mario Odyssey will also be appearing Friday!

Xenoblade 2 will also be shown on Friday. Maybe like Fire Emblem Warriors we could see a new trailer with a possible release date?

We can expect these and everything on the list from Nintendo this week!

We can also predict more 3rd party announcements and indie games coming to the Nintendo Switch being announced during Gamescom!

Are you excited to see what gets announced at Gamescom? Or what new could be revealed about Odyssey? Let me know!


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