Pixel Perfex drop teaser trailer and concept art for Earth Atlantis

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I Am Ahab.
Thai developer Pixel Perfex have just released a teaser trailer for Earth Atlantis- an underwater side scrolling shoot ’em up set in the aftermath of a catastrophic ‘climate shift’. Assuming the role of a ‘hunter’ in one of four available submersibles, 96 per cent of the planet is under water at the end of the 21st century and machines have adopted the form of marine animals. The task is to take down more than twenty giant ‘boss monsters’, one by one. The game also includes strong metroidvania elements, with enemy ships and special events unlocking hidden areas. The game’s classic arcade gameplay is complimented by a gorgeous hand drawn, sepia aesthetic, demonstrating a strong depth of field and layered parallax. 
Earth Atlantis won ‘Best in Show’ award at the annual Bitsummit indie games festival in Kyoto, Japan and an ‘excellence in Art’ award at South Korea’s Busan Indie Connect earlier this year. 
Entitled ‘Sea Monsters’, the trailer shows off a handful of new biomechanical bosses and intense side scrolling shoot ’em up gameplay. 
Discover the trailer, screenshots and concept art below. 

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