First thoughts on Disgaea 5 complete on switch

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*Review copy provided by NIS America*

I know I’m a little late to the party, but anytime is a good time, and that’s my first thoughts with the game!

I’ve never played a Disgaea game, so I went into this game blindly. I was a little confused by the intro story. After a little back story which tells us about Dark Void taking over the universe and these Netherworlds, you’re treated to a little scene. It introduces us to the second main protagonist, Seraphina. The humor starts kicking in and holy smokes it’s hilarious! You see this young but commanding girl who mistreats her little penguin servants; all in the middle of a battle. Then our main protagonist, Killia eating a bowl of food between the two opposing camps. It’s absurd and I love it! You then follow the story where you meet some more characters and allies.


The gameplay is almost like Fire Emblem with turned based strategy. It differs being more free and open. You can your characters whenever you want, make them attack whenever you want and make crazy but cool team and combo attacks. As a big Fire Emblem fan, I find this new and innovative, it’s really fun! The battles are lighthearted and not serious. As I mentioned it’s really funny! The characters, the events, and of course the dialogue (all fully voiced which is amazing) are hilarious! The hub world is neat and has all the features you need.


It’s been only a few hours I’ve started playing this game but I love it!





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