Minecraft Story Mode: The Complete Adventure Review

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MINEREVIEWNote: This product was given to me for free to review. The review alone is based on my honest thoughts on the game.”36190303titleimagemcsm-1444847577721

Minecraft Story Mode: The Complete Adventure is a choice based game by Tell Tale Games, that is based in the Minecraft world and the game revolves around the choices the main character makes. You form the story, similar to how you build your own world in Minecraft. This review will be based in 6 parts; Story, Gameplay, Visuals, Controls, Music, and Length. There will be no spoilers in this review besides some basic plot points from episode one.


This game is set up to two parts, 8 episodes in total, 4 per storyline. The first 4 episodes is the main story. The main story starts out with you playing as a character named Jesse, Jesse can be both a male or a female. Jesse and his two friends Axel and Olivia are competing in a building contest, which leads up with running into the Order of the Stone, a famous group of heroes who took down the Ender Dragon, and Ivor who is the reason the problem arises. The main point of the game is to stop an Ender Storm that is destroying the world and cannot be stopped without earning the help of more people. The last 4 episodes of the game happens in a sort of epilogue/side story taking our heroes to many different worlds with more variety than the main game. I wont spoil any of the plot for this given it happens after the main story ends.

The story is the best part of the game, and the choices you make are what will make how the characters and others treat you and how you treat them. maxresdefault1


The gameplay in these story based games are different than what you may have expected. You play in mostly what feels like a cutscene, watching the story progress and are almost always choosing what the Jesse says or does. Your choices are what make the game unique. Most choices are somewhat minor but are important for both the present and future, making a wrong choice could make something harder to accomplish later in the episode/game.

While the gameplay is fine given it’s a choice based game, I found one major problem for myself at least. There are checkpoints during each episode that you will return to if you fail a neccessary objective. While it happened very rarely, if you were to fail one of these before hitting a new checkpoint, you could be set back 5-10 minutes each time you fail it. It got extremely annoying as in one instance I made the mistake of failing the objective 3 times in a row. It certainly isn’t game breaking but it was extremely irritating.



The game looks just like Minecraft, and that’s how it should. While the game looks like basic Minecraft it does have some new items that aren’t in the vanilla version of the game. If you’ve ever seen or played Minecraft you know how this game is gonna look, whether you like it or not is up to you.


Given most of the time you aren’t controlling the player, this category isn’t very important. However, when you do control the player it is very awkward and could be compared to a point and click adventure game (which it kinda is.) The controls to me are the worst part of the game, but because it happens so infrequently it isn’t that big of a problem.


Another minor aspect of the game given that most of the time the characters are in conversation. The music is minor and again, it’s what you would expect to find in Minecraft. While I think that the music can not be found in normal Minecraft the music is just as unmemorable as you would expect, but it works for what the game is trying to accomplish.


Each episode is decently sized, each being between 1-2 hours normally. It all depends on how fast you progress the story. With 8 episodes the game is at least 10 hours. As the Switch doesent tell me my playtime until after 10 days of playing it I cannot tell you how accurate I am on the length of the game, but it felt like a long enough experience for the amount of plot the game has to offer. minecraftjpg-2d81e8_1280w


Minecraft Story Mode has been an absolute joy to play through. I loved playing through the story and especially during the second half of the game loved seeing what the characters are gonna go through next.

I award Minecraft Story Mode: The Complete Adventure an 8.5 out of 10. You can purchase Minecraft Story Mode on the Eshop now for an MSRP of $39.99. Tell Tale Games has also confirmed that the recent season 2 will also be coming to the Switch at a later date.

Minecraft Story Mode Review


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