Collen Hard Back Protective Case for the Nintendo Switch


Keeping it safe


The Collen Hard Back Protective Case Cover is designed to protect your Nintendo Switch console when you are out and about, affording you some peace of mind when holding it in your hands and not inside one of its bigger cases.

The package itself retails for $12.99 (Prime members receive free shipping) and can only be purchased through the Amazon marketplace at this moment. The box itself gives it the impression of it being a premium product, making it perfect for gifts without having to enclose it in additional packaging. Inside the box you can find one (1) Glass Screen Protector, two (2) Joy-Con Anti-slip silicone cases, and one (1) Nintendo Switch console black case.


The rubber casing for the Joy-Con comes in five different color combinations:

  • Black
  • Gray
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Red + Blue

The rubber itself is comfortable, helping you better grasp the controllers without worrying about them slipping out of your hands. They also help keep your Joy-Con free of dust or scratches and doesn’t prevent you from being able to press the buttons.

It might feel a little hard at first since it is new, but once it receives a little more wear it is actually very comfortable. The left Joy-Con still has some issues being used as a proper d-pad with or without the rubber case, so it doesn’t necessarily make it a better or worse experience when playing games dependent on the classic d-pad.


The package also comes with two screen protectors as well as a case for the Nintendo Switch unit. The case cover  has a clear-matte color and protects the back portion of the unit, with inserts for the stand to open and the vents. The case also overlaps on the front so that if your unit were to fall face first into the ground, there would still be some cushion between the ground and the Nintendo Switch screen.

The downside to the cover is that at the same time that it protects it from scratches and smudged, it also completely covers the section where you would insert the game cards, forcing you to remove it completely before you are able to change games. For people that go fully digital this won’t be a problem at all, but for those of us who like to collect all Nintendo games in their physical nature (if available) it becomes a nuisance having to remove the case to change cartridges.


Another downside to the cover, although somewhat expected, is that you are unable to insert the console into the dock while wearing the protective case, making it a solution only for when you have it on the go. The Joy-Con can still be slid into the console while docked even with the covers, so you would only need to worry about removing the cover while playing docked (or changing cartridges).

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Overall, the Collen Hard Back Protective Case Cover is a good alternative for protecting the Nintendo Switch and it comes at budget price. At $12.99 you got a protective cover for the Nintendo Switch, two screen protectors and two Joy-Con covers which would normally cost you more if you were to buy them separately. With a hybrid console like the Switch, you want to make sure it is protected at all times.

For those of you interested, CollenDirect has provided ShigeruNews readers an additional 25% discount on their purchase. Used coupon code COLLEN21 if you are interested in purchasing it (and no, we do not earn any type of commission on sales). The Collen Hard Back Protective Case cover was provided to us for free by CollenDirect in order to give a proper review.

Sergio Acevedo is a writer at Shigerunews. You can also talk with him about Nintendo happenings on Twitter and listen to his Nintendo Podcast at the Force in Unison Gaming channel.

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    1. You’re Welcome! Joy-Con cover is pretty comfortable and I do have the added bonus of making my console look just like I wanted it from the beginning, when the Neon set was sold out 😛

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