New Mario Odyssey amiibo box art, Hints at 3 new Kingdoms

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The box art for the 3 Super Mario Odyssey amiibo have been revealed, so here they are:

The box art looks pretty cool, but there’s some more interesting things in the background, which is actually a map of the kingdoms in Odyssey. However, there are a total of 3 more labels, so that means there are at least 3 more kingdoms yet to be revealed!

Here’s where the labels are and what they say. They are easiest to see on the Peach box, as not as many labels are being covered in that one.

  1. “Lake Kingdom, Lake Lamode” – Location: Beneath Peach’s Hand on the Left
  2. “OM Kingdom” – Location: Right of Peach’s Head – None of the already revealed kingdoms in this area have an OM at the end of their name, so this is a new kingdom. Perhaps it could be the Mushroom Kingdom?
  3. “Sno_ Kingdom, Shiver-” – Location: Beneath Peach’s arm on the Right – This likely is just called the Snow Kingdom, and it’s location starts with “Shiver-” but the golden stripe covers the rest.

So far there are a total of 10 Kingdoms in Odyssey. This is neat to see that there are still many unannounced things in the game. If you see something we haven’t spotted, feel free to tell us.

UPDATE: Here’s the box art for the 3-pack:

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