Nintendo Switch 2018 lineup; what will be included?

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Today is the Switch’s 6 month anniversary! The last 6 months have been both a great time for system owners, receiving already a great lineup of games such as Zelda, Mario Kart, Splatoon 2, and the newly released Mario + Rabbids. The Switch has also had some downsides thus far. Those being lack of stock, a mediocre voice chat system for Splatoon 2, and a lack of features that have been present in older systems such as Virtual Console and the Activity Log. Today however we are going to focus on the games. Even though we have received an amazing lineup this year, with nearly one big title each month. But what happens next year? What games do we know about that will/can release then and what games are possible that we don’t have official announcements for?

Today we will go through the list of games that have already been announced and some speculation about what could be likely for next year and when they could be released. Given we only know about 5 games coming in 2018 and beyond most of this article will be speculation. Lets get started!

-Already Announced- 

Kirby: First announced at E3, this new Kirby adventure only has a short trailer thus far and an unannounced title. While I am positive this game will release in 2018, I don’t know when it could release. I am predicting a release before next year’s E3 but it could be released later in the year.DCNyjrzXoAAnRU-

Yoshi: Another game announced at E3, and another game without an official title, this game also received a trailer but it also got a gameplay segment during Nintendo Treehouse during E3. We have seen so much more of this game compared to Kirby and that makes me believe that this will release before Kirby. Just like Kirby I predict this game to release in the first half of 2018.DCNriuNXUAEDL5R

Fire Emblem:  This game was announced in a Fire Emblem Direct only a few days after the January Switch event. We have seen no gameplay from this game nor a title. Given we didn’t see any mention of it during E3 I don’t expect this game to launch until Summer 2018 at the earliest but I expect a late Summer/early Fall release date. firelebmelm2b3

Pokemon: Yet another game announced at E3, this game was announced without any gameplay but with the announcement that it will not launch “for more than a year.” While this could mean it can release anytime in the second half of 2018, I do not expect Pokemon to release next year. But I also don’t think we will have to wait until Holiday 2019 for release. I don’t know when it will release but I do not predict Pokemon will release next Holiday though I hope i’m wrong.

Metroid Prime 4: Some would call this the biggest announcement of E3, Metroid Prime 4 is on the way. Many people (myself included) don’t expect this to be a 2018 game due to only seeing a logo as well as Nintendo saying themselves that they announced this game extremely early on. I would expect this to be the Holiday 2019 game. Screenshot_2

-What could happen in 2018-

Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch (Port): One of the most requested Wii U ports. This game could be what both Nintendo and Sakurai needs. Given Smash 4 took so long to develop and had so much content, it wouldn’t be too crazy for Sakurai and his team to just port over the Wii U version and maybe add some of the 3DS content and some new characters and call it a day. Given this is a big announcement I could see it being announced at next years E3. smash-bros-999699

Pikmin 4: Miyamoto has been talking about this game since 2015 yet we havent seen any gameplay of it. Miyamoto also told Eurogamer at E3 that the game was “still progressing.” Given Pikmin is one of Nintendo’s more niche series, Nintendo could announce this during a Direct and we could see this game released sometime next year, I would predict Summer. pikmin-4-optimal

Super Mario Maker (Port or sequel): Another highly requested port. Nintendo would be stupid to not continue producing content with this game. One of the Wii U’s best games.

Mario Party 11: We all know Nintendo likes to milk Mario Party for all it’s worth and we also know that Mario Party games have been dropping in quality after every release. Given Nintendo seems to be listening to feedback now more than ever, it could be possible that Nintendo returns to the Mario Party formula that we love but more than likely when we see one it will just be another basic game unfortunately. mario-party

-What most likely won’t happen in 2018- 

Animal Crossing: Animal Crossing is an extremely popular franchise among the Nintendo fanbase however we haven’t heard a thing about a new game. Given the New Leaf Amiibo expansion launched late last year Nintendo is most likely hard at work on a new entry but unless it get’s announce soon, I do not predict we see Animal Crossing next year (I hope to  be wrong.) I do expect one to be out in 2019 though. share_icon

Super Smash Bros 5: As I said before, Smash takes a ton of time to create, especially a new game. I don’t find it possible for Smash 5 to be already far into development (if it is at all)  Given Smash 4 didn’t sell as well as it should’ve Nintendo and Sakurai may think a port is a better and more efficient idea. However if they do decide to make a new game instead of a port, I would not expect this game to come out until 2020 at the earliest, given these games take extremely long to make and Smash 4 development didn’t stop until after the final DLC released in early 2016. smash-bros-999699

Star Fox: After Starfox Zero, I don’t think Nintendo is in a rush to make a new game in the series. This one is simple, Starfox Zero released last year to pretty meh reviews. I also don’t think Nintendo would have a whole new Starfox ready 2 years after the release of the last one. I’m not even certain that we will see a Starfox game on the Switch but I hope we do and I hope that it turns out much better than Zero.  starfoxzero1280jpg-684994_1280w

Kid Icarus: Another long awaited games to join the Switch catalog. 2012’s Kid Icarus Uprising brought back love to this series from both old players and new. However the revival was also developed by Sakurai and given Sakurai doesent like to stay tied down to the same series for too long I could see him working on something completely unrelated to Kid Icarus. If we do see one we will absolutely not see one next year. 8z9ggqwpg38hndmw5xr8modjlpkinloz

Donkey Kong: The last two games have been developed by Retro Studios. We do know that they are currently working on an unkown project I do not believe this to be a Donkey Kong game. With that said I don’t think we get a new Donkey Kong game until after their current project is released. While they could be working on Donkey Kong alongside their big project, I do not expect to see Donkey Kong until 2019 at the earliest, even if Retro’s project is Donkey Kong. donkey-kong


2018 will hopefully be another big year for the Switch. Do you think Nintendo’s 2018 lineup will be better or worse than this years lineup? As well as What games do you think will be released in 2018? Let me know in the comments and on Twitter!


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