Disgaea 5 complete review

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Review: Disgaea 5 Complete on Switch

*I made a mistake. The end review score is 9,5 instead of 8,5. My bad 😅

Review copy provided by NIS America. It’s a spoiler free review. No worries my friends!

I had previously played Fire Emblem which I’m a big fan of, when first trying the demo for this game (which I highly recommend you do), I was appealed with the free and open tactical system. Thanks to NIS America I had the chance to go deeper in the full game. I loved it.

Disgaea 5 Complete_RP_Packshot.png


The story of this game is quite simple. Void Dark is invading the Netherworld (it’s the universe you’re in) and has conquered a large part of it. You and some of the rulers of these Netherworlds will form a rebellion built on not hope but vengeance! You will travel freeing these Netherworlds along with their rulers. Each of these rulers called Overlords are quite hilarious and each have a stereotypical personality. You play a mysterious demon with a past that will be shown throughout the game. I liked the story and it kept me interested!

Disgaea5Complete_Screens (2).png


If you’ve played any tactical game such as Fire Emblem then you’ll be familiar with the base of this. It expands it though and changes a few things which to me enlarges the people who can enjoy it. It’s very free movement as you move whenever. Even after attacking, doing specials and lifting. When doing either one of these three actions you can’t do another. You make combos by making your characters attack next to each other. You can also use mana to make more powerful special attacks. Lifting is a possibility which serves to lift and throw characters. It’s an addition I liked quite a bit. There’s more but I wished the tutorials could’ve been a bit better (there’s my only criticism), there’s mostly new players who will play this and they could’ve been easier to understand. I absolutely loved the gameplay it’s a high point of the game


The characters

This game is hilarious and kept me laughing during the whole game. The characters are funny and the scenarios are too! The characters are very likable and their dialogue is fully voiced (bonus points for that). They each contribute to the game and story and make it what it is. Their lines are well done and you get to know them well and care for them. My personal favorite was Red Magnus who’s super awesome and funny!

Disgaea5Complete_Screens (5).png


There’s lot to do. The campaign is over 25 hours then with all the side quests and DLC included it’s over 50 hours. There’s so much to do and it definitely feels complete!



I loved this game. It was fun, funny and such a joy to play. As a fan of strategy games, I love how their battle system works and expands the genre to a wider audience. I can’t help but recommend it to anyone with a Switch and try the demo out. It feels complete and you will spend a ton of hours. Apart from the tutorials which could’ve been better, it’s amazing. I give it a 9,5! I’m looking forward to what NIS America has in store for the Switch!

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The rest comes from the NIS America press site.



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