HylianHero98’s Nintendo Direct Predictions (9/13/17)

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We finally have another Direct in just a couple days! If you are reading this the rumored Direct turned out to be true and writing this predictions list was not a waste of my time. I’m writing this on Sunday (9/10/17) with only the hope of this Direct being real. But since you’re here we are only 2 days away from a Direct and let’s discuss what we may see there. This list will be randomly ordered. Everything on my list I believe could be announced.


I think this Direct will be just like the one in April. 35 ish minutes long and being very rapid. I do not think a game will be focused on specifically but I think some games may take more time than others.


New Odyssey Trailer: Odyssey released in under 50 days and we are due for another trailer and a Direct is the best time for one. We know of 10 kingdoms as of now and havent seen gameplay of 3 of them. I think we see a new trailer that shows some of these. I think these will be all of the kingdoms we know about before launch. If there is anymore in the game I think Nintendo will save these for launch and not spoil them.

Super Mario Odyssey game is very popular. We shared new wallpapers for you.

Xenoblade 2 Release Date: There is only a few more months in the year so an Xenoblade release date is desperately needed. I think the game will launch in December and the trailer we see in the Direct will reveal that at the end.Screenshot_3

Zelda DLC Pack 2: We have seen some small bits of development gameplay back in July but I think this is the time that they show us a trailer. While it may be brief I think we will get a better taste to what the DLC will entail and maybe a release date? DCNs9alWAAA0AuN

Arms Version 3.0 release date: Lola Pop and her stage have been revealed to be released during September. I think they quickly reveal during the Direct or soon after an official release date for the update. I could even see it releasing the same day as the Direct.Screenshot_9

Amiibo: It never fails. During every Direct at least one new Amiibo seems to be announced. If one is I don’t know series/characters it would be based on however. Maybe we finally get Arms Amiibo? wp-image--1327965002

More Fire Emblem Warriors Characters: I think we see a new character or two in a new Fire Emblem Warriors trailer. Simple enough given we already have a release date for this title.


Yoshi: I think this game will release early on in 2018, so it only makes sense to see more about it. I think we will get an official title and maybe a release window but nothing groundbreaking. Screenshot_2

Third Party: We know Skyrim is coming soon and a release date is in order for that. As for other games like Fifa and NBA they could remind consumers that they are coming out soon. I’m not sure what else would be mentioned but i’m sure some sort of third party games will be in this Direct.Screenshot_1

More Wii U Ports: Even though this is low on my list I do predict we see at least one new Wii U port. Whether that be Mario Maker Deluxe or the long rumored Smash Deluxe i’m not sure. I think if Smash is coming the Nintendo World Championships would be the best time to announce it but a Direct also would make sense. wii-u-switch-1484342567194_1280w

Virtual Console announcement: Unlikely given the SNES Classic is releasing this month but I could see Nintendo talk about Virtual Console. It may not release until this holiday or next year but this could possibly be the time to talk about their plans. img_7268

Kirby: While Yoshi was played at Nintendo Treehouse during E3 this year, Kirby was not. This is why I do not really think we will see the game. However if we do see it I don’t think it will release until late Spring/early Summer at the earliest and I don’t think we get an official title yet.DCNyjrzXoAAnRU-

Something unexpected: Come on, every Direct has something no one expects to happen, I believe this one will be no different. How many unexpected announcements will there be? I don’t know but i’m just as excited as you are to find out!

-Things that wont be shown/talked about-

Metroid Prime 4: If anyone expected this to be announced you shouldnt. I dont think we have a chance of seeing this game this year. Maybe at the Game Awards but I wouldnt get my hopes up.Screenshot_2

Pokemon Switch: Again, we only got subtle announcements of this and Metroid. Do not expect anything from Pokemon, it is way to soon to hear about these games. pokemonswitch-1280-1-1493139643759_1280w

And that’s all I got for my predictions! I don’t know how many of my predictions could be considered realistic but i’m excited to watch the Direct and find out! What do you want to be announced during the Direct? Let me know in the comments!


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