SteamWorld Dig 2 – Review in progress

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Hey guys, so I recently got a review copy for this game provided by Image & Form Games. I want to make sure I fully finish the game before giving a final consensus. It’ll be spoiler free!

This game picks up after the first game where Dorothy is looking for the first game’s protagonist, Rusty. After passing the through the short and fun tutorial you’re opened to the vast and exciting world of the SteamWorld Dig franchise. It looks so so good. The graphics on the Switch look amazing.

It looks but also plays well. The controls are sharp and responsive for the sometimes precise movement of going back up through the mine. The gameplay hasn’t changed since the first game but they did add a bunch of new features. The map is way bigger than before and you have sections of exploration outside of the mine. You also have new and innovative upgrades which are a fun to use and find. They’ve expanded the world and the lore with new enemies, NPCs, and locations. It’s a sequel that really expands this universe and the Switch is the perfect platform for it!

This is a sequel done to perfection. It expands and improves in every possible way from the first game. I loved the first one but I love this one more. I’m giving it a temporary score of 10 which is likely to stay! Happy digging and don’t miss launch when it releases on Thursday!

Stay tuned for my full review!

JMac is a news writer at Shigerunews. You can follow him on Twitter when he’s not off trying to secure more interviews.

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