The Amazing SNES Classic Edition and Where to Find it

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The Sequel (Article)


Last year saw the release of the NES Classic Edition and it seemed like as soon as it was released, it was gone. People struggled to locate the system and there was a real power struggle between consumers wanting to pick up the system and enjoy the games versus scalpers who were pulling all the stops and trying to snatch the systems first to turn them into a profit.

This time around, Nintendo has promised there will be a much higher availability of Super NES Classic Editions and even announced that the NES Classic Edition will come back sometime during the summer of 2018. Regardless, I found it necessary to produce this article because the Holidays are fast approaching and demand for the SNES Mini will only increase.


If this article seems similar to the one released last year for the NES Mini, its because it is a “spiritual sequel” to it (and makes it easier using it as a template). I found that most of the tools that were used last year are still very much viable this time around, and they are not exclusive to the NES Mini or the SNES Mini. You can use them to try to track and locate pretty much anything that has a SKU and is still being sold at stores.

So without further ado, these are the Tools to Empower your Fetching Quest!

The SNES Classic Edition will be releasing September 29th, and the system can be found (if enough stock is available) at locations like Gamestop, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and others. This is the absolute best time for you to get your hands on one, as once it releases, it is harder to predict shipments and when stock will become available. But just walking into a store on launch day might not be enough to get your hands on one.

If you are serious enough on getting one, it would be wise for you two arrive one or two hours earlier at launch to be among the first to get it, or else, standing in lines to get it after launch could become a nightmare for some (or an extremely fun time with some like-minded individuals like my experience last year).

Remember that the NES Classic Edition came out last year at a retail price of $59.99 and it is still selling for much more than that on websites like Ebay:


Don’t know which retailer to line up for? Let’s take a look at NowinStock:


Now in stock is a good alternative to not having to look constantly online to see if the SNES Classic Edition page has been updated from ‘Out of Stock’ into actually having quantities available for you to order. Once you setup your profile on their website, you can select which stores to follow, and what accessories to look for. NowInStock offers a wide-array of other items to search for, so if you are also looking for other hard-to-find toys or items this Holiday Season.

NowInStock also offers you a glimpse at the stock trends with online retailers, giving you a glimpse of which ones are getting updated the most and which ones you should pay closer attention to:


Lastly, as far as NowInStock goes, paying attention to the discussion at the bottom of that same page can net you valuable information when it comes to which stores may be holding stock and if anybody is seen standing in line at a place where the system shows low availability.


Another option that allows you to find stock both online and at the store location is Brickseek:


If you are going to be searching using Brickseek, it is important to know the different SKUs and UPC codes for the Super NES Classic Edition. As of this writing, the codes used by different retailers were as follows:

  • Walmart – SKU: 55791858 (UPC: 481434904834)
  • Best Buy – SKU: 5919830 (UPC: 045496590758) (Not available at Brickseek)
  • Target – SKU: 52826093 (UPC: 045496590758) ) (DPCI: 207-29-7001)

Once you have the SKUs and UPCs (and DPCI in Target’s case) you are then able to search for those specific items, in this case the SNES Mini.  Enter the SKU (or UPC/DPCI), your location (zip code) and how you want the results to be sorted (by distance, price, or quantity):


Scrolling down the page will show you results on which locations currently have the system ‘In Stock‘ and the amount of available units at the time the search is done:


For the purposes of finding the Super Nintendo Classic Edition, Brickseek only gives you two options to finding it, Walmart (SKU: 55791858) and Target (DPCI: 207-29-7001). Just make sure to hit the ‘Search Inventory’ button whenever you want the quantity to be updated to see if the stores have received any merchandise. Based on experience, the best time to search for stock through Brickseek or even NowInStock is at around 4AM to 5AM, giving you a clear idea of how many they have in stock as well as giving you enough time to make it to the store well before it opens.

You can also sign up to the website to receive alerts on when the SNES Classic Edition or any other items you are searching for becomes available, but just remembers that dozens (or hundreds) of other people are doing the same, so you cannot hesitate when deciding to go out to the store to line up and hope to grab one.

If going outside and lining up hoping to grab a SNES Mini is not to your liking, then there is an alternative to attempting to get it online when retailers announced that more stock will become available there:


Download the Easy Auto Refresh chrome add-on to set your page to auto-refresh at whichever rate you want it to, allowing you to open multiple pages of the SNES Classic Edition:


This is the least viable option as it is more effective closer to when pre-orders become available online, but always look at information through social media (for example Twitter updates from Wario64 and FatKidsAlerts ) on when the system could become available on retailer’s websites.

We cannot stress enough that the absolute best chance of obtaining the SNES Classic Edition is on the first day of availability when there are higher quantities available and the Holiday Season rush has not started yet. As it gets closer to Black Friday and then Christmas, it becomes even harder, and hopefully if you haven’t secured one by then, these tools will empower you with the possibility of securing one.

Good luck to everyone and let us know if you were able to secure one and how/where you were able to obtain it.

NowInStock: SNES Classic Edition

Brickseek: SNES Classic Edition at Walmart and SNES Mini at Target

Sergio Acevedo is a writer at Shigerunews. You can also talk with him about Nintendo happenings on Twitter and listen to his Nintendo Podcast at the Force in Unison Gaming channel.

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