LEGO Worlds Review

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Lego Worlds Review 

*Thank you to Lego for the review copy*

Lego Worlds is a game about exploring different worlds throughout an endless galaxy, and it delivers on that promise, but it can be one-dimensional at times.


You’re a lego astronaut exploring the galaxy until your ship gets damaged and you crash on the tutorial world. There you see what the game is all about. You’re in these open lego worlds (like the title says) completing quests and ensuring your ship can discover bigger randomly generated worlds. Of course, we’re just scratching the surface of the game.


The tools of your adventure

The game gives you so many tools to play in these worlds. You can manipulate the worlds you’re in, create and paint all the cool Lego creations you could want and discover animals, objects (vehicles, doors, any kind of object including washing machines because why not) and plants and lego figures to put them in the world. All of these fun tools are a blast to use. You can create and customize anything your imagination wants, all in legos!

Questing and exploring

By completing randomly generates quests you can earn gold bricks which at a certain cap gives you access to bigger and bigger lego worlds. The quests can be fun but for some, you have to search the ground for objects. The quests also get repetitive. What I really enjoyed most was discovering and exploring new biomes. I also loved discovering using new vehicles and weapons! Of course, everything is in lego and that’s awesome!



Sadly this game has its limits. There aren’t enough biomes so it gets repetitive and boring at one point. Also, the easiest way to get gold bricks is digging and opening up chests which can be boring and annoying. It just doesn’t make sense in a game like this! To add, the concept is fun but a game about randomly generated lego worlds isn’t going to be for everyone, especially with games such as Minecraft and such. It gets too one-dimensional.


Despite its flaws, Lego Worlds has a lot of enjoyment in it. With infinite worlds and awesome customization tools, Lego worlds deserves a solid 8


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