A Hat in Time – Review

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A Hat in Time review

Thank you to Humble for the review copy

Before I start the review I have a few things to say, first, why are we reviewing a game that’s not on a Nintendo platform? It’s easy, we know a lot of you own a second console or PC and this is a game that’s based off the Nintendo games Mario 64 and Mario Sunshine. This game is a lot like what Nintendo makes and since it’s an amazing game I can’t help but recommend it to our audience. You guys will love it if you love Nintendo. Second Humble had a role with this game, and with all the recent disasters I hope you get some cool bundles to get awesome games while donating to charity at the same time. Enjoy the review!

When I first tried this out, I didn’t know what to expect. Once the game started, the game opened up and, boy, it’s top-notch platforming

The premise

The premise is pretty simple. You lose all fuel in your cool looking hat spaceship and must travel around the universe searching for you fuel to go explore more worlds. You have some people trying to stop you of course. The real treasure here is the platforming and exploring!


Starting out

Right off the bat after a few minutes of introduction, you’re put in mafia town. Don’t be fooled by the name of this place, it’s beautiful and colorful coastal town that has a lot to offer. Plus these Russian accent speaking dudes are nothing against your attacks. I found myself just exploring the surroundings and the world all while getting myself orientated in this full-fledged town. You then continue your journey to a spooky forest and throughout the galaxy.



The platforming is just so good. It reminded me of those old platforming games from the late 90s but modernized. Half of the time I wasn’t following the main objective, I was just jumping and using my cool hat powers to progress in the world I was in! These hat powers are basically the game’s version of powerups. They are well done and I found them to be original. It’s fun game!


The Art 

It also looks amazing. The art style reminiscent of Wind Waker and it works beautifully in the game. Its colors and its textures all add up to the visually impressive game so much so, that my computer required a better graphics card!



A Hat in Time is an outstanding platformer, I really don’t see any flaws here, especially for a game you can get for 30$. To all you readers if you own another system, I highly recommend it! It’s perfect like so it deserves a 10!

A Hat in Time Review Template

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