Lego Ninjago Movie Video Game Switch Review

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*Product provided by Lego*

After Lego Worlds, I was hungry for more Lego games. I couldn’t wait to play a traditional Lego game on my Switch. Lego Ninjago fulfilled that promise but only to a certain degree.



Lego Ninjago Movie Video Game follows the same story as the movie but makes you play in these sequences. It’s the same as always in Lego games but I can’t complain as it is called Lego Ninjago Movie Video Game. They do deliver that promise. The story is simple big bad guy wants to take over Ninjago for no apparent reason and needs a big bad weapon to do so. Good team of good guys stand in the way but must go on a journey of self-discovery to unlock their true power. There’s the usual main character that’s the odd one out but is the most important in the end. Simple story but again, I’m not gonna penalize the game as if there are many faults in the story, it’s the movie’s fault. This is your only free pass Lego.


The puzzles are simple as ever and they’re still quite linear but there is a lot of variety here. Between the fun but short air levels and the different environments, there’s something to keep you happy throughout the experience. The levels are long as they last about 45-75 mins each. One of the problems is that they aren’t very large. Compared to other Lego games in the same style like Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the levels feel pretty small. There was a lot potential to make a full-fledged and explorable Ninjago City (as a hub) and then you explore the surrounding environments. Also, there are these amazing parkour sections which are so cool and fun. Overall I’d say the levels are ok with some that are good and worthwhile. If you like Lego games you’ll find the levels to be pretty similar to others.



Combat really takes center stage and it’s a success. Combat is often but it’s fun, like really fun. There are many different techniques and different ways to attack. You create combos and instead of the usual one hit enemy, you have a few that require you to change the attacks and hit more than once. They did a great job on it and it shows, it makes the average levels fun and exciting. Also, each ninja has a spinjitsu which is a special move that’s used for solving puzzles and combat. To add to that, each character fights differently with different weapons. All of that adds to the high point of the game, combat.

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Like every Lego movie and game, I’m always impressed on how the visuals keep getting better, and this game shows the progress. It successfully mixes realistic environment designs with Lego designs. It’s a very colorful game and the legos look so so good. The city looks great, the characters look great, it’s impressive to see so many legos at once. I just love these lego sights!



One of the best post-credits levels is here. You play as Godzilla and company and destroy a Ninjago city. It was so surprising and fun! Seeing all those buildings getting crushed by me my gigantic size was an amazing experience, one that I know I’ll never forget! There are still lots of characters and collectibles to find but nothing that really motivated me to continue after the 15-hour campaign.



Lego Ninjago has a great combat system and some good ideas but nothing spectacular. You’re getting the typical Lego game and exactly what the name says. Yet, I wish Lego could’ve done more with it and evolve the formula like Lego Star Wars did… Still, though there’s enjoyment in it and it earns a solid 7.5. I recommend you wait for a price drop for the Switch version even if you’re a lego games fan.

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