Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle review

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*Thank you NIS America for providing us with a review copy*

I’ve never played a Touhou Kobuto game before but I was excited as I do love what NIS does. Thing is, this game isn’t something I enjoyed.



This game, like most NIS games, have a lot in it, these are complete games. Touhou Kobuto V is another great example of that. You have all the modes you want. You have arcade mode, story mode, online and local multiplayer. Is there enough content? Totally.  These are all great modes…if you like the gameplay.

Touhou Kobuto V_ Burst Battle_20171011173604.jpg


It’s a 3D Shoot em up battler that has one on one combat. I’ve never played a game in this genre before but I personally didn’t like it. The combat is you have two main attacks that when you use them from far away, shoot a projectile or a few projectiles (they vary depending on the character that’s used). Then when you get up close to the enemy it does a powerful melee attack. Sadly, this genre isn’t for me. I found it to be pretty slow and boring at times. Plus, it’s also kinda hard to master. I can definitely see the appeal in the genre and the game but it didn’t stick with me.

Touhou Kobuto V_ Burst Battle_20171011174540.jpg


I gotta give credit to NIS for adopting the Switch early putting out two main games on it. The resolution is great, the framerate is great… They’ve already seemed to master the Switch and I can’t wait to see how they improve. This really makes the Switch the best way to play their games are they are available on the go and wherever while still having top performance. I hope they bring Ys: VIII soon…


The problem with reviews it’s that it’s one person’s opinion. Did I like this game? not really, but does that mean it’s a bad game? Not at all. Its slow combat and overall gameplay weren’t fun but, those who do find enjoyment in it will love it as it has enough content. It earns a 6.

Thanks for reading and I encourage reading other reviews before buying it.

Touhou Kobuto V Burst Battle Review Template

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