Octodad: Dadliest Catch – Nintendo Switch Review

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Although being on the shorter side of indie titles, Octodad: Dadliest Catch is a game that kept a smile on my face throughout the whole campaign. The charm is through the roof, and moving an octupus constantly masquerading as a human carrying out normal day-to-day chores is fantastic. The game works just as good as the other versions, and switching between handheld and T.V. mode is seamless. Controls work flawlessly on the console, and there were not many signs of issues throughout the couple hour campaign. Learning how to control the octopus is difficult at first, but it is rewarding once the player figures out how to put one foot in front of the other. The characters have a decent amount of dialogue sections to communicate with the so called “human father” and most have really humorous comments once they notice Octodad not acting normal. Octodad is watched by humans at all times by doctors, customers, and his family, but his witty nature is never really questioned by the public.



Going into the game, it was obvious what there was to be expected. The player controls an octupus living his life as a human, all while moving around the world with a boneless unbalanced character. The player is tasked with activities such as getting married, collecting groceries, and exploring an aquarium. There are a few boss fight sections, but they do not last more than a few minutes (if you have learned how to properly control him). Being one of the few people that have never played the game, I found the controls easy to learn yet hard to master. Some of the most memorable moments with the game was finally getting to a certain place and slipping all the way back down, requiring you to make your way back up. The game is based all around hilarious moments, and it was truly a joy to complete.



Octodad works wonderfully with the Joy-Con, even in co-op mode where things could sometimes get pretty hectic. The multiplayer mode puts different people in control of Octodad’s body parts, giving some diversity to how you can go through the game. The main collectibles of the game happen to be ties, which are scattered throughout each level very intricately.

Finding each one gives a couple more hours to the campaign, but there doesn’t seem to be an incentive to hunt them all down. Would the game have benefited from DLC or a longer story? The game was given a short cartoon series as additional DLC, but it is just for lore purposes. However there was never a time where I could feel the game coming to an end. It was only until the credits rolled until I had noticed that the game was over.

Understandably the game was created by a small team with this being their first big game, so it is understandable as to why the game is not packed full of content. Missions take mere minutes to complete, and the game is not difficult in any way. Even though the game has been available to the public for a couple of years at this point, having it on the Switch is an added bonus.

The game runs at 60fps 1080p on both playstyles, and there were not any noticeable issues throughout the game. Other than Octodad getting stuck between objects and the camera zooming away to where I can no longer see him, the game runs fairly smoothly. For those that finish the game quickly, there is a free roaming mode that allows you to jump into levels and do whatever you want. If you want a quick but really funny experience that you can take wherever you’d like, Octodad: Dadliest Catch is the game for you.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch releases on November 9th on the NOA and NOE eshops at the following prices:

USD $14.99
EUR €13.99
GBP £11.99

For that price, the game is packed with hilarious moments and tons of charm. It would’ve been nice for the game to be longer, especially considering that the eShop is full of games for that same price packed with larger experiences. For those of you that have not played the game, it’d be a no-brainer to checkout what the game has to offer. But for those that have played through the campaign once before, there isn’t an incentive to double-dip.

It’s fun, quirky, and adds a very unique touch to the already diverse (and quickly growing) Nintendo Switch eShop.

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