Deciding whether the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC is worth it

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Hey guys it’s jmac and I was as surprised as you all were when DLC was announced for Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Being a big fan of the Xenoblade franchise I was of course happy. But for those on the fence, I’ll help you decide whether it’s for you or not!


We’re gonna start by looking at each piece of the DLC announced,


At first, we have “Support items for your journey” in December which I think will be launch day or at least soon after. This is very similar to BOTW DLC. You at first had initial treasure chests to help you initially. Here’s where it’s actually useful. Xenoblade Chronicles is not a franchise known for being easy. They are actually pretty tough games initially so I strongly believe these items will actually help you at the start of your journey and throughout it as well. This piece is definitely worth it.

Next up we have in January which is a month to two after launch is “New quests for the main game”. I think we’ll get some sidequests which could give us cool rewards. More content is always great. I think a month or two after launch is totally fine. It gives those who got the game during the holidays, a chance to play and have minimum progress. It also encourages them to get the DLC since they’ll be getting content soon after. I can’t predict in advance but I definitely think it’ll be worth it for those who want a little more of the game. Those who want to grind or experience more will be happy. If you want to zoom through the game or don’t necessarily want to pay up for a little more then it’s maybe not as worth it. I personally think it’ll be cool and worth it!

Trivia time: the world records for speedruns of Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles X are 4h 54m 41s and 4h 52m 55s respectively both done by Docmob who is French!

In Spring of next year, we get “New rare blade”. This seems more like a filler, to make sure there’s still something in Spring or again encourage people who haven’t bought the game or DLC yet to do so. It could be cool but it’ll just one small thing. I appreciate the move but it seems they don’t have any ideas. Not worth it. You will probably forget about this since I don’t know if many people will still be actively playing the game in Spring.


In Summer we get “New challenge battle mode”. Ok maybe some will have picked it up again but I still don’t know how many people will be that active. It sounds fun but I don’t know if it’ll interest that many people. At least they’ll be constantly updating the game. I just hope there’ll be more than the DLC and they’ll have constant free updates to complement the game. But for the summer DLC, no it’s not worth it.

Finally Autumn of next year, which is about ten months after release we have “A brand new story and adventure!” This looks amazing. I know it’s a while after release but I believe it’ll encourage people to get into the game again. Since it’s a long time after release you can expect something great! It also means they aren’t holding any part of the game back because this part is still in development and obviously started later. Plus a brand new story could mean new characters and sights. Imagine one or many more titans to explore! Even new undiscovered areas! Unless you’ve permanently put down the game it’ll be definitely worth it for anyone!


So for 30$ you’re getting a year’s worth of content. Not all are great but most are. Whether it’s extra items or sidequests to a new story and adventure. If you love the game and want more of it, I can 100% say yes, it’s worth it. If you’re feeling average on the game it all depends on if you like the game enough to want to spend 30$ of content throughout the year and not all of it is great. Again it’s up to personal judgment but overall the extra sidequests and adventure are definitely worth it!


So do think it’s worth it? Comment down below!

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