HylianHero98’s 2018 Switch Lineup Predictions (Redone)

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Hey guys! A few months ago, around the Switch’s 6 month anniversary I published an articled about what Nintendo Switch’s 2018 Lineup could be: Nintendo Switch 2018 lineup; what will be included?  This article was published before the September Direct and as time passed my idea’s changed. In this article I will talk about multiple Switch games, announced or not, that could release in 2018. Let’s get started.

Pokemon: Let’s get the big one out of the way. Pokemon is potentially releasing next year. While I initially believed that Pokemon would not make a 2018 launch and instead release in late 2019, I can’t see this happening anymore. I do however still feel Pokemon is not a lock for next year. I would hope it releases in late 2018, I would not be surprised if we didn’t get the game until summer/fall of 2019.pokemonswitch-1280-1-1493139643759_1280w

Metroid Prime 4: I 100% don’t believe we will be getting Metroid next year. When they announced the game back at E3 and didn’t show gameplay, or even a title for the game I immediately took the side of a 2019, or 2020 release window for the game. I still don’t believe that Metroid has been in development long. At best I think the game releases mid 2019 or holiday 2019.DCNvZV-UQAQfw2V

Kirby Star Allies: The last time I discussed the game I expected the game would launch prior to next year’s E3. Now that we know the official title and a “Spring” launch window I can assume I was correct. Now that we have a specific season however I want to predict a month. The last two Kirby games have launched in late Spring, May/June, I expect the same for Star Allies. I could see an early/mid May launch for this game.h2x1_nswitch_kirbystarallies_image1600w

Yoshi: Earlier this year I predicted the game would release in the first half of 2018, my explanation of this was that Treehouse went hands on with the game back at E3 while Kirby was not played. I assumed that was based on how far the games were along in the development process. I do not believe anymore that it will release before Kirby, or even E3. I can see Yoshi releasing sometime in the summer, either in the July window where Splatoon 2 launched, or in August where Mario + Rabbids launched. Either way I just don’t think we get this game prior to E3, I hope to be wrong.DCNriuNXUAEDL5R

Fire Emblem: With a promised 2018 release, I do see Fire Emblem launching in the Fall. Given we’ve seen basically nothing on the game, only a subtle confirmation back in January. The Fire Emblem series is getting bigger, but I don’t see Nintendo placing this in the Holiday season where they’d release their bigger games.firelebmelm2b3

Pikmin 4: While we have no official announcement of this game, we do know it’s being worked on with a few updates from Miyamoto. We first heard of this game back in Fall 2015 when the Switch was still being called the NX in a Eurogamer interview. Miyamoto called the game “very close to completion.” We now know from a Polygon interview with Miyamoto at this year’s E3 that the game is “still in progress.” At this point we don’t know when the game will launch, but it sounds plausible that we could see this game launch in 2018.pikmin-4-optimal

Animal Crossing: To me, this is my most questionable game that could release in 2018. It’s possible, especially with the launch of the mobile game coming soon. It makes sense to me because it would be smart to announce Animal Crossing in a presentation/Direct in the beginning of next year, when the mobile app is still being used by many people. If Animal Crossing was to be announced though I could see a Holiday release for it.share_icon

Smash 4 Port: With Smash i’m gonna split it into two sections. I see a port very possible. We’ve been hearing rumors since early 2016 that a Smash game was in the works. A port would make the most sense as Sakurai technically didn’t end DLC Development until February of 2016, leaving less than 2 years for a new game to be in development. It doesn’t sound likely, especially with Sakurai wanting a break from the series. A port would be the easiest option. They could add a few characters, stages, etc, add some content from the 3DS version to the Wii U’s base and call it a day. Maybe even make the game a service with a new character or something every few months, similar to what ARMS is doing. If one was to happen I would predict a Fall/Winter launch as Smash is one of Nintendo’s most popular series.

Smash 5: Again, I think it’s heavily unlikely that Smash 5 is in development, let alone nearly done. If a Smash port isn’t being worked on, I imagine we won’t see one until the end of the Switch’s lifespan, especially if Nintendo doesn’t want to replace Sakurai with a new producer. Smash games take multiple years to develop, and normally have a 5-6 year break in between new installments.smash-bros-999699

Other: I could see more ports, games like Mario Maker could return to the Switch with added content. I also see more third party games releasing in 2018 as Nintendo seems to have proven themselves to companies like Rockstar, Bethesda, Square Enix, etc. Who knows, we could see games like GTA V or Fallout 4 on the Switch next year.

These are just some of the big games that could release within the next year or so. I also could predict a new IP from Nintendo but i’m not sure they’d have another one ready, especially right after both Arms and Splatoon.

Do you agree with my thoughts? Let me know in the comments and let me know on Twitter!


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