Lead actor cast for Detective Pikachu movie

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But not the role you might think


In July of 2016 news came that Legendary Entertainment and The Pokémon Company had confirmed a deal in which Legendary would produce movies based on the Pokémon franchise and that a live-action rendition of the Detective Pikachu 3DS video game would be the first one to go into production. Afterwards both Legendary Entertainment and Universal Studios (the movie’s publisher outside of Japan) went completely silent until now.

Variety is reporting that Legendary Entertainment has cast breakout star Justice Smith of Netflix’s “The Get Down” fame as the lead actor on the Detective Pikachu movie. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Justice Smith will be playing Detective Pikachu as there has been no confirmation on which role he will be playing, and could instead play Tim, who tags along with Detective Pikachu in the game.

For those who are still holding out hope and Danny Devito will lend his voice to the titular character, keep your fingers crossed as Legendary continues to announce the rest of the cast and which character they will be playing.

The Detective Pikachu videogame released under the Meitantei Pikachu: Shin Konbi Tanjō (Great Detective Pikachu: Birth of a New Duo) name on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan. The game has yet to release in other territories. Hopefully with Universal Studios and Legendary Entertainment moving forward with a movie will push The Pokémon Company to release the game for the West on the 3DS, or for it to receive the HD treatment on the Nintendo Switch to coincide with the movie’s release.


Detective Pikachu follows the relationship between a boy named Tim who is searching for his missing father, and Detective Pikachu, an intelligent Pokémon who he can curiously understand speak in his own language. They use this special bond to communicate and solve mysteries along the way.

Source: Variety

Sergio Acevedo is a writer at Shigerunews. You can also talk with him about Nintendo happenings on Twitter and listen to his Nintendo Podcast at the Force in Unison Gaming channel.

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