Super Mario Odyssey Review (Switch)

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switch_supermarioodyssey_illustration_036-editedIt has been 15 years since the last big sandbox Mario game. While everyone loved the likes of Galaxy 1 and 2, many missed the open world 3D Mario games that Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine provided. Did Super Mario Odyssey 1 up the other games in the series? Or did it fall flat? Let’s find out in this in depth review. We will cover 5 sections in this review, story, gameplay, visuals, music, and length.  Note: I did 100% the game before starting this review, but I will not be talking about any spoiler-ish content. With that said let’s get started.


The story is what you expect from a Mario game. Bowser shows up, steals Peach, and Mario has to go save her. However the big focus is that Bowser wants to marry her, and goes from kingdom to kingdom stealing things from them to make his wedding the best it can be. Mario starts in the Cap kingdom and meets Cappy, a hate that also want’s to save his sister (Tiara) from Bowser. They team up and travel around the world to stop the wedding.super_mario_odyssey_cap_kingdom_header-0


It’s what you mostly expect from an open world Mario game. You go from kingdom to kingdom hunting for power moons and other collectibles. While only a small amount of them are required to move on to the next kingdom, there are dozens in nearly each kingdom, making long stays or trips back to each kingdom enjoyable. The hat throwing mechanic works amazingly as well, making it easier to make longer and more skilled jumps. The capture mechanic is a breath of fresh air to the series as well. With dozens of capture-able enemies and objects, it makes Mario’s move set the most enjoyable it has ever been. Speaking of Mario, he controls like a dream. Controlling Mario feels so perfect, he always seems to perfectly follow the movement and jumps I make, death never feels like the games fault. One problem I do have however is the motion controls. On more than one instance I needed to mindlessly shake my controller to get to a moon in time, it feels unnatural, especially while playing in handheld mode. I wish Nintendo would move on from these types of motion controls, they hurt the game more than improve it.


Getting straight to the point, the game looks great. Not only does it run 900p docked, 720p undocked, it runs at an amazing 60 frames per second and almost never has frame drops. Every world and character’s design looks great and Mario has never looked more realistic.mario-odyssey-cascade-kingdom-stone-bridge-secret-door-screenshot-2017-10-25-10-08-43


The music is some of my favorite of the series. Odyssey is also the first game in the series to have songs with lyrics being sung by an actual human, and surprisingly enough it works great. Mario games tend to have amazing soundtracks and this game is no exception, with the likes of Jump Up Superstar and the Cascade kingdom theme, the music in Odyssey is memorable and catchy.


For anyone worried about the game being too short like I did prior to launch, don’t be. It took me about 12-15 hours to finish the main story, while it took me around 45 hours to 100% the game. There is more than enough moons, regional coins, and costumes to unlock. While the amount of content put into this game doesn’t rival Breath of the Wild, it doesn’t need to. This game has the most amount of content compared to any other previous Mario game.


Super Mario Odyssey lives up to it’s standards and exceeds them. The game charmed me throughout my time playing and runs amazingly. This game is what I have been wanting from the Mario series since Super Mario 64. If you enjoyed the gameplay of Super Mario 64 and/or Sunshine and you haven’t gotten this game yet, you are making a huge mistake!

I Award Super Mario Odyssey a 10/10 – MasterpieceCopy of Quick Review Template


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