Official ARMS Twitter Teases a Playable Springtron in New Update

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Recently, Japan’s Official ARMS Twitter account (@ARMS_Cobutter) posted this Tweet:

Using Google Translate, the Tweet roughly translates to Suddenly… tomorrow! Version 4.1! It is scheduled to be released! In addition to balance adjustments, there are surprising additional elements. Actually, I said too much in the previous update notice… there is less information this time! Tehe! Please wait for a while now! Huh! What? New f… *garbled*

This is pretty mysterious, but the image included seems to tease more.

In this image, Biff is wearing a badge, but it is not for a playable character we already have. Instead, it is Springtron’s icon.

This likely suggests that Springtron will be a playable character in Version 4.1, so be prepared to be able play as him tomorrow morning.

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