Beach Buggy Racing Review

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*Review copy provided by Vector Unit*

For a game that goes back to the old days, PS2, Game Cube era racing games, it certainly succeeds in bringing those memories backs, but everything has its limits.



There are a few modes to play with including great career mode, the usual quick race mode we see in these games and split-screen play. All of these are nice but I wish there were more modes to play around including online play.



I’m a fan of the look of the game. It really brings back those memories with these cartoonish visuals except all in HD. It really does look good.



Controls are perfect and for someone who usually doesn’t care about framerate, I’m happy it runs very well at what I assume is 60 FPS. It really does make this game polished and the port over to the Switch, well done. Just like every racing game before it, there are items. These items are sadly uninventive and none really stand out. They are generic. Overall I’m nonetheless satisfied with the gameplay. It’s just the issue with this game is there’s nothing that stands out.



While I will praise it for being a call back to 64 bit and sixth generation console racing games alongside its smooth and fun gameplay, it sadly fails to deliver any originality. With so many indie games out there these days, to be noticeable, you have to stand out and show creativity and originality which this game lacks. For a small 10$, it’s still worth it and that’s why it still earns a 7 out of 10. If you want to try it out before you buy on Switch, try the free versions on IOS: and Android:

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