Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass Review (Packs 1+2)

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Hey guys, HylianHero98 here. So with no prior warning, we saw our first Champions Ballad trailer at the Game Awards, then a couple hours later it was released. I have finished everything from both packs one and two and would like to talk about both packs, separately as well as together to see if the Expansion Pass is worth your money if you haven’t bought it already! Let’s get started by discussing pack one:

DLC Pack One: The Master Trialszelda-dlc


  • Trial of the Sword
  • Hero’s Path Mode
  • New Costumes
  • Master Mode
  • Travel Medalion
  • Korok Mask


Trial of the Sword:01_trialofthesword

The Trial of the Sword is a cave of ordeals type experience from Twilight Princess but so much better. In the Trial of the Sword you start with nothing and have to scavenge materials in the wild and fight enemies on each floor, progressively getting harder. The rooms change theme as well so unlike Twilight Princess, you aren’t fighting in the same room theme the entire time. The reward for completing this is a stronger Master Sword, which always stays in it’s glowing state and provides a 60 attack power.

Hero’s Path Mode:maxresdefault2

This mode tracks wherever you go, it tracks your movement for 200 hours and can be helpful if you are hunting for Koroks or a missing Shrine. I find this mode more of a novelty to see where I went throughout my journey.

Master Mode:03_hardmode-0

A new hard mode for the game. This mode adds a new, harder type of each enemy in the game, enemies are harder to kill, they regenerate health after some time, and there is new enemy placements, such as a Lynel in the Plateau!

Travel Medallion: zelda-breath-wild-master-trials-dlc_1

You will receive a mission that tells you there is a medallion hiding somewhere in the world that can act as a warp that you can place wherever you want. With the clues you are given you can go look for the chest with the medallion. The medallion can be extremely helpful if you use it right!

Costumes & Korok Mask:legend-of-zelda-breaht-wild-dlc-pack-1-armor-583x410-optimal

Like the Travel Medallion, you will receive missions and clues to help you find the outfits. These outfits are call backs to outfits from characters from past Zelda games. The Korok Mask will shake if you are near a Korok. This can help you immensely if you want to find all 900 Koroks in the game.06_korokmask


While all of this content makes the game better, many would argue that most, if not all of this stuff should’ve been in the game from day one. The Master Trials provide the best Enemy gauntlet i’ve played in the series and starting out with nothing makes the content based on skill. Hero’s Path Mode and Master Mode are welcome additions that many people will like. As well as the Korok mask, which I remember being the most requested addition to the game when the DLC was announced. While I love the content this pack adds, I could not recommend someone buy this content just for this pack if you could buy pack one separately. I would award The Master Trials Pack on it’s own a 6.5/10  BOTW DLC1

DLC Pack Two: The Champions Balladzelda-breath-of-the-wild-the-championse28099-ballad


  • New Story Content
  • 16 New Shrines
  • New Dungeon
  • New Costumes
  • New Horse Armor
  • Master Cycle Zero
  • New Challenges


New Story Content:large

The story focuses mainly on the Champions and Zelda. You will learn more about each of them, but honestly not as much as we should. The Story content is restricted mostly to more memory cutscenes like we got in the main story. The additions are nice but it’s not all that much.

New Shrines:Screenshot (249)

Throughout your quest through pack two, you will come across 16 new Shrines. These shrines are extremely varied and I would argue they are some of the better Shrines in the game.

New Dungeon:Screenshot (250)

Without spoiling anything the new dungeon, it is another Divine Beast like dungeon and it’s mostly what you’d expect. However I find it’s one of the better Divine Beasts. I found the location of this Divine Beast to be extremely clever but I won’t spoil that here.

New Challenges:800x556_oneHit

The pack starts off with a new challenge that involves a new weapon, the One Hit Obliterator. The weapon can one hit enemies twice before requiring a cool down. However in this challenge you only get 1/4 of a heart so enemies can one hit you. It can be very challenging if you’re not very skilled at the game. You are then set off around the Plateau to fight hoards of enemies. You then move on and are faced with new challenges to learn more about the Champions.

New Costumes:800x556_IslandLobsterShirt

Like Pack One, Pack Two provides new costumes from past Zelda games. If you like the characters or the callbacks to older games, you will love these.

New Horse Armor:800x556_ancientBridle

New Horse Armor can be found in the world based on the Guardians. The armor provides new abilities such as being able to summon your horse from anywhere in the world, no matter how far you are, as well as adding two more boosts to any horse. These are great additions, but I found them unnecessary after receiving the Master Cycle Zero.

Master Cycle Zero:5a2affc9336e7

Once you finish the DLC you will be greeted with the Master Cycle Zero, a motorcycle. This new form of transportation provides Link with a much faster way of traversing Hyrule, and also looks epic!


The Champions Ballad brings a lot to the table. It took me around 8 hours to play through and honestly I had tons of fun. You can’t access this DLC until you’ve freed all the Divine Beasts from Calamity Ganon so they expect a good amount of skill from you, especially in the opening segment of the DLC. However, if you’re expecting a ton of new story, you will be very disappointed. While the cutscenes I think are better quality than the ones from the main game, they don’t really add much story. If you are only wanting to buy this DLC for the story and the other additions don’t interest you much I can’t recommend this DLC to you. But if you want more Shrines and another Dungeon or just want a reason to spend more time in this world I think you will really enjoy this pack. I would award The Champions Ballad Pack on it’s own an 8.3 out of 10. BOTWDLC2

The Complete Package: 

If i’m being honest I believe you get a ton of great content for the $19.99 asking price. If you loved Breath of the Wild and want to play more of it, I believe with all of the content it provides, especially the Trial of the Sword, and the entirety of the Champions Ballad. However like I said before if you want this DLC strictly for the Story don’t buy it. You will not be impressed with the meager offerings of the story in the Champions Ballad.


Overall I would award the Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass a 7.9 out of 10. I recommend this DLC to anyone who wants more gameplay in this world, but not to people expecting a big new story. The complete package is great, even if pack one doesent really pull it’s weight. ZELDADLC

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