Gardening and Clothes Crafting Coming to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp in New Update

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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has been out for about three weeks now, and it is already getting a major update.

The first feature advertised to be in the new update is a new gardening area. Here, players will be able “plant and grow all sorts of flowers in your [their] own garden plot”. The image included confirm the return of hybrids, as it shows a row of orange tulips. It is unknown if there will be upgradeable watering cans, but if there are, it is possible they will be obtainable after achieving a certain garden state. Like Shovelstrike Quarry, players will be able to invite friends into the garden.

Clothes crafting is finally making its way to the mobile game as well. Players will be able to clothing items, no longer forced to wait at the mercy of the computer to just maybe find that one piece of clothing they’ve really been looking for.

The return of a familiar feline character has also been teased, and though who it is remains unconfirmed, the silhouette strongly suggests Rover.

To encourage adding new friends, a new Timed Goal, Friend Frenzy, has been added and is running until December 21 at 12:59 am to get Leaf Tickets for adding friends. Befriend 10 friends for 10 tickets, 20 for an additional 20 tickets, and 30 for an additional 30 tickets.

Nintendo has more updates in store and encourages players to ‘stay tuned”.


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