Antiquia Lost review

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*Thanks to KEMCO for providing the review copy*

Antiquia Lost review

With the good RPG drought, the Switch had back in November. This RPG has some good and can be enjoyable at times, it’s nothing special and its presence of microtransactions can be a bit alienating.

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Presentation and visuals

The game looks good. The graphics aren’t anything special but for a game like this, it’s ok. It’s reminiscent of the SNES era RPGs. I wouldn’t say they are a high point but they don’t downgrade the experience. It plays like a regular RPG with nothing standing out.

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Story and characters

There is some good here. The different presented races are original and the story does have its high points. The main protagonist is a typical young boy who wants adventure, finds a girl and gets involved in some high plot because of her (reminds me of something-oh wait Xenoblade Chronicles 2. If I seek adventure does that mean it’ll happen to me too?). The characters are good but feel so much like generic RPG characters you see in all RPGs.

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This is an RPG so it plays like pretty much most RPGs, with turn-based combat. They do add gimmicks and they are fine but it feels gimmicky. It plays like this: explore the world, go to dungeons and beat the boss, go in towns and do sidequests, and follow the story. If you’re looking for something fresh or innovative this isn’t for you.

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These aren’t a welcome addition as you pay up 13$. They are in the form of DLC and they help level up your character and give in-game money. While they aren’t necessary at all, and the experience doesn’t suffer from them at all, I still think it’s an addition that could’ve been avoided.


Overall it’s an ok game. This is a typical RPG with typical RPG characters and story, and a few gimmicks here and there. While it’s nothing special, it’s still something and there is some good here. It earns a 6. For 13$ you can wait for a sale or save up for a better RPG. I recommend the latter as more are coming that are better.

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