Opinion: Why is Everyone So Mad About Nintendo’s Spring 2018 Lineup?



Hey guys, last week we got a Nintendo Direct Mini and people’s thoughts on it are mixed. On the one hand people are excited that Nintendo is keeping up with the one game per month lineup which they had in 2017, but on the other people are upset that the lineup is full of ports and smaller games like Mario Tennis Aces.


One of the top complaints I hear about the Direct is how Nintendo really didn’t announce anything new. After this Direct many fans feel like the 2018 lineup is going to be mediocre, especially compared to last year. While yes they didn’t announce any “new” games, they did announce a bunch of games that are all releasing in the Spring season.

I don’t see why people are thinking this. While yes, the Direct Mini was short and didn’t have many announcements that weren’t ports, but we also have to remember that this is only their Spring lineup. Whether it be Kirby, Mario Tennis, Hyrule Warriors, or Donkey Kong, every one of these titles has a Spring release date. It is way too early to be worried about Nintendo’s entire 2018 lineup when we only know about Spring titles.


Even though Nintendo is relying on ports to get through the Spring, Nintendo has the rare opportunity to do this because of how badly the Wii U sold. Most Switch owners didn’t buy a Wii U and to them these are new games. While Wii U owners like myself see these as old games many of us have already played, the majority of Switch owners in the long run will be playing these for the first time. I know i’m probably in the minority here, but as long as Nintendo keeps a steady mix of new games as well as ports, I would like Nintendo to port the majority of the Wii U’s exclusives. It would be a great chance to give the amazing games on the Wii U a good chance at selling well.

The reality is, Nintendo can’t keep up a one game per month lineup forever if they relied only on new games. Nintendo can only make so many games at once, and porting games over isn’t taking time away from making new entries in these series since most of the time these ports are outsourced to other developers. Ports are a simple way to buy them time to work on new games and give fans games.

Many of us thought Nintendo would slow down on their release speed this year given they gave us so many games last year, i’m glad that’s not the case. It doesent hurt that the games Nintendo is porting to the Switch are all great games that brutally undersold on the Wii U.


Now this is the other part of the discussion that irritates me even more than the complaints on the ports. People are already claiming that Nintendo’s 2018 lineup is going to be bad, or nowhere near as good as last years. I’ve already said this but the Direct only covered Spring games but it seems many people aren’t paying attention to that fact. We only know about the titles that are releasing from now up until around E3, which gives them plenty of time to have at another big Direct in a couple months to discuss Summer/Fall titles. Even after that Nintendo has E3, while they don’t really focus on E3 to announce all of their games anymore, we can expect a few big announcements, probably including Pokemon and Metroid Prime.


The entire point of this article is to tell everyone to stop worrying, even if you don’t like the Spring lineup, which personally I feel is a great lineup, it’s way too early to start saying 2018 for Nintendo as a whole won’t be good. I know a bunch of us Nintendo fans have already played these games being ported, we aren’t the audience being advertised to, they want the people who skipped the Wii U to buy these games, as well as trying to get us to rebuy these games just to play them on the go! We don’t know whats coming in Summer, Fall, and Winter and i’m sure Nintendo is saving some big heavy hitters to announce and release later in the year. I’m not worried, and neither should you be.

What do you guys think? Did you enjoy the Direct or are you worried about Nintendo’s 2018 lineup? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!


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3 comments on “Opinion: Why is Everyone So Mad About Nintendo’s Spring 2018 Lineup?”

  1. I thought it was merely ok. I have already played most of the games that were announced, so I sort of understand those that are being negative, but I loved the announcement of Mario Tennis, especially with the return of a Story Mode.

    1. That’s completely fair, I’ve played most of the games announced too so I get where you and a lot of people were coming from. The problem is we’re now the minority. I looked at this scenario mostly from the perspective of a non Wii U owner, this lineup looks pretty great for them. Also not gonna lie, I can’t wait to replay some of these games

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