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SteamWorld Dig Review


SteamWorld Dig is my favorite indie game of all time. I was really excited to hear it was coming to Nintendo Switch. The last replay of a game I got addicted to was Fire Emblem Awakening, and wow am I addicted to this game again


SteamWorld Dig is still the amazing the game it was. SteamWorld Dig is a game where you must dig to uncover the mine’s secrets. You gain new powers as you dig and you dig up loot to buy upgrades. It’s a simple yet effective concept. Your environment changes and challenges to gain upgrades get way harder. Enemies are present as well. This game isn’t particularly challenging but it’s ok as its sequel, SteamWorld Dig 2 is. Of course, at the end something waits for you and your questions will be answered.


I’m glad to say that this game is still the amazing game it was. It looks better and you choose whether to play in TV or handheld mode. Nothing much is added but, why mess with perfection. I really insist that the visuals are way better especially for those who played the 3DS version! I dig this game!10_dandy

SteamWorld Dig is a game that, years ago, captivated me and really made me addicted to it. It has so much charm and it’s really fun. The Switch port is everything I wanted it to be. I’m really glad I got an opportunity to reexperience this masterpiece and I will be coming back to it during the next few years of the Switch. This game is the best indie game ever and for that it only deserves perfection and that’s why it earns 10. It’s a masterpiece and the greatest indie game of this generation. Now you can play on the newer and better console.


SteamWorld Dig for Nintendo Switch

Review copy provided by Image & Form Games


Reviewed by jmac857

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