Welcome to Shigeru News!


We are a collection of gamers, writers and enthusiasts passionate about everything Nintendo-related. The original idea started with Matt’s dedication to spread the news about our favorite company and has expanded to a group of writers intent on pushing news related to Nintendo’s biggest titles all the way down to some that might be overlooked by many.

Meet the Shigeru News crew:

Matt – Site owner 

Matt started with a small Nintendo blog which has grown into the Shigeru News website for all Nintendo-related news. He has been supporting the website for blog/website for the better part of three-and-a-half years. You can contact him on Twitter @ShigeruNews or email him at shigerucrew@gmail.com

Jmac – Interviewer and Writer

Interviewer for Shigeru News. I joined back in summer where I published interviews I had done for an app. I started doing reviews as well. I’m a huge Zelda and Pokémon fan and your local Xenoblade and Fire Emblem expert! Oh, and yeah, I’ll play anything Nintendo! Find me at @jmac857 on Twitter. You can also contact me at: jmacshigerunews@gmail.com

Sergio Acevedo – Lead Writer and Editor

Sergio Acevedo is a writer at Shigeru News. You can also talk with him about Nintendo happenings on Twitter at @Toysandmoreclub and listen to his Nintendo Podcast Get N Or Get Out at the Force in Unison Gaming YouTube channel. Email him at toysandmoreclub@gmail.com

Ali – Writer

Ever since Ali’s first look at what the power of Nintendo was capable of doing, he has never looked back. Starting his experience with the GameBoy, he has become a huge fanatic of the many worlds of Mario & Friends, with his expertise lying around the Mushroom Kingdom. He enjoys his time reviewing the latest and greatest titles, and loves to see what indies can do to brighten up the market. Find him on Twitter @PhenomenalAli where he’d love to chat about all things gaming. Email him at AliShigeruNews@gmail.com

Tendo – Writer

Writer for Shigeru News and major Nintendo fan who loves Splatoon, Zelda, and Metroid. Send me a message at @TendoGamer on Twitter if you dare challenge me on Splatoon 2. I also manage the unofficial Squid Research Lab Twitter account (@SRLUpdates)with anything Splatoon 2 related. You can also contact me at tendoshigerunews@gmail.com




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