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Minecraft Story Mode: The Complete Adventure Review

Note: This product was given to me for free to review. The review alone is based on my honest thoughts on the game.” Minecraft Story Mode: The Complete Adventure is a choice based game by Tell Tale Games, that is based in the Minecraft world and the game revolves around the choices the main character

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Chicken Wiggle: Review

Product Provided by Atooi Chicken Wiggle is a 16-bit-style puzzle-platforming game made by Atooi for the 3DS. Atooi has made many other great games such as Mutant Mudds and Xenodrifter, and those games have many unique designs. The same can be said for Chicken Wiggle. In this game, you play as a chicken with a

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Overcooked Switch: Review

Product Provided By Team17 Digital Limited Is this the cooking revival the genre needed, or is this just more of the same? When I first heard the news that Overcooked was making its way to the Switch, I was filled with joy. Not because such a beloved game was making its way to the system,

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Nintendo E3 Plans Revealed!

After a long wait, Nintendo have officially revealed their calendar for E3 2017. After years of having Directs showcase their games, a Spotlight feature will being taking that over this year with a Treehouse following shortly after. The Spotlight will have a spotlight more generally around the Switch this time around and will showcase what’s

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