Cocoro – Line Defender (3DS) Review

You are surrounded, with no hope of escaping…. Who should you call upon??? Why the Yoko of course! Small creatures who resemble the four elements! With their mighty weapons, they will help protect any structure, no matter how hard the challenge! Enemies stand no chance against these fearsome fighters within Cocoro-Line Defender! Developed by Moving Player!

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Yacht Club on a Future Shovel Knight Patch

No launch is perfect, despite all of our efforts, and we have caught wind of a few bugs in the 1.0 release of Shovel Knight! We’ve been receiving constructive reports from all players of issues big and small. The biggest known issues involve: Controller support, 120hz monitors, Tinker Knight boss non-progression (don’t land on the ground

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Internal Invasion – Launch Info and DLC

It has been confirmed that Internal Invasion will be releasing on the eShop July 3rd and for its first week it will be 10% off from the $4.99 (Original Price). DLC is also planned to be released in last quarter of 2014! Will you be picking up Internal Invasion?  

Squid Odyssey 3DS Release Date

They are everywhere! Happy to confirm #SquidsOdyssey coming to Nintendo 3DS in just a week, Thursday July 3rd! — The Game Bakers (@TheGameBakers) June 26, 2014 Hmm! Its nice to finally see a date and its right around the corner!

Mutant Mudds Update

  Their will be a brand new free update for Mutant Mudds releasing on July 3rd! • This Will Include… • 20 new Ghost Levels • Mid-Level Checkpoint • 4 hidden playable developer team characters The update will release on July 3rd in North America and PAL regions

Today on eShop – June 26, 2014

Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U Shovel Knight – Play as the eponymous Shovel Knight, a small knight with a huge quest: to defeat the evil Enchantress and search for his lost beloved. He wields a Shovel Blade, a multipurpose weapon with techniques that have been lost to the ages. Exclusively on Wii U, read

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